I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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little stupid things people do

Why do they do them? A personal peeve is shoppers who insist on grabbing the weekly grocery flyer, but don’t move along … out of the way, and insist on perusing the flyer right there, and usually with a shopping cart as well taking even more space, clogging up the entrance into the store. At times they even block the flyer display, but you can be damned sure I let them know they’re annoying/bothering me, creating a nuisance, by my terse “excuse me” and as I embellish struggling to reach over/past them grabbing a flyer for myself. It’s just plain fucking rude and inconsiderate! I am ALWAYS aware of my actions, I would NEVER obstruct anyone, I just don’t get it … why do people do little stupid things like that?

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FYI: Starbucks isn’t in the wifi-fixing business!!

… they’re in the COFFEE SELLING BUSINESS!! Quit pestering employees ’bout your iPad’s hitch, bitch … AND quit budding in line, tryin’ to pull this fucking stunt on me. Stop bothering the busy baristas, wasting their time … AND mine … with your bullshitsilliness … I went to the Apple Store and ordered a Starbucks, lol!! 👿