I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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a beginning perhaps? the end, the start of something new? i dunno, trying to figure it all out re: my 1234th post, which also coincides (almost) with 4321 (years/months/days/hours – my time blogging). a hidden meaning, a hidden message? 4321 1234 … ready or not? here i come …

it’s the end of the something i did not want to end beginning of hard times to come but something that was not meant to be is done and this is the start of what was.

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I’ve been hittin’ the dueces hard lately … and now five in a row … holy-frickin-mike-n-moly … gimme a break, ain’t no way it’s a coinkidink … it’s gotta mean somethin’! I’ll figure it out … and when I do, I’ll get back to ya …

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Paula Dean Def Ain’t Doin’ No Better!!

… especially now, lol! Ok ok, joking … so lighten up!

… well, at least not healthier … that’s for motherfucking sure!!

Organic quinoa salad w/ chick peas, yellow bell pepper, tossed w/ a quick as you please whisked freshly squeezed lemon & minced garlic dressing


Blackened Steelhead trout w/ fresh garden herbs & grilled red onion


AND blackened skin, blackened skin y’all! Much to delicate to attempt flippin’ on the grill. Cook on indirect high heat, and when you see it start to ooze its juices, that’s your cue – have your fish spatula at the ready … nothing worse than overcooked fish!

“overcooked fish is a sin” – danistrulytheman 

… now, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout


… something tells me this’ll even be better tomorrow served cold straight from the fridge – LOVE that!!

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Greek Dinner!!

Grilled chicken breast souvlaki w/ grilled sweet potatoes, onions & red peppers. Heirloom beefsteak tomato salad w/ English cucumber, Greek feta, freshly picked oregano and hand torn, generously drizzled w/ Acropolis Organic olive oil … w/ copious dollops of tzatziki!! Opa!!



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Somebody here bugs me!

… of course I ain’t sayin’ who … and at first inserted REALLY REALLY into my title, but that’s not true. In truth, you’re an irritant at most, and deep down I REALLY REALLY pity you – knew I’d get ’em in, lol. Posting from my iPhone too (musta been important y’all *rolls eyes*), God I love my WordPress app!

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Sometimes the best techies aren’t the best techies!

A few days ago I was having a problem where I needed to call technical support for assistance. I must have been on (and off, he kept calling me back as well throughout the evening) for a good three hours with him. And while he was helpful, the bottom line is that he never fixed what needed fixing. Tried my luck again the following day, and this time the techie was more knowledgable than the first, he (and I) worked hard trying to solve the issue, and while he taught me a great deal (hopefully I’ll be able to use this in the future), once again … after considerable time was still left holding the bag (the empty … broken bag, as it were). Persistence is thine name danistrulytheman … no way I was gonna quit, let them off the hook … so on day three, call AGAIN with this never ending ongoing sad sack saga. After dealing with the previous two reps, immediately could sense this rep was in WAY over her head, and didn’t possess troubleshooting skills as the others. I really believed this was gonna be a waste of time, and I would try later hoping for a more tech savvy rep answering my call, but something strange and magical happened … now, I know I’m being somewhat coy, I don’t want to divulge the whole story, but she was able to do something beyond her capabilities, something the previous two were unable to … and it all has to do with knowing one’s limitations, and approaching the problem from a fresh perspective. In 20 – 30 minutes everything was in working order … she was able to come up with a solution where others weren’t! I was dumbfounded (still am to be honest), and when she came to that proverbial customer service rep line, “is there anything else we can help you with today?” … I didn’t want to hang-up, I didn’t want that good feeling to end! 😆

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FYI: Starbucks isn’t in the wifi-fixing business!!

… they’re in the COFFEE SELLING BUSINESS!! Quit pestering employees ’bout your iPad’s hitch, bitch … AND quit budding in line, tryin’ to pull this fucking stunt on me. Stop bothering the busy baristas, wasting their time … AND mine … with your bullshitsilliness … I went to the Apple Store and ordered a Starbucks, lol!! 👿


See my lonely life unfold I see it everyday

I was gone for fourteen days
I coulda been gone for more
Held up in the intensive care ward
Lyin’ on the floor

I was gone for all those days
But I was not all alone
I made friends with a lot of people
In the danger zone

I think I lost some weight there
And I-I’m sure I need some rest
Sleepin’ don’t come very easy
In a straight white vest

See my lonely mind explode when I’ve gone insane

I wanna get outta here
I wanna get outta here
I-I’ve gotta I’ve gotta get outta here
I-I gotta get out of here

I gotta get out of here
I gotta get outta here
I gotta get outta hereYa gotta let me out of here
Let me outta here
I gotta get outta here
I gotta get outta here
See my lonely life unfold
I see it everyday
See my lonely mind explode
Blow up in my faceI grabbed my hat and I got my coat
And I-I ran into the street
I saw a man that was choking there
I guess he couldn’t breathe

Said to myself this is very strange
I’m glad it wasn’t me
But now I hear those sirens callin’
And so I am not free

I didn’t wanna be
I didn’t wanna be
I didn’t wanna be

See my lonely life unfold
See my only mind explode
When I’ve gone insane

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My KenKen Zen

LOVE this!! And this particular game (version) with rows of nine/a grid of eighty one  … it’s the toughest, the most challenging – KenKen putting its best to the test (honestly, because it’s so mentally demanding, find it so relaxing and peaceful (weird, eh?!) … ZenBaby, lol) as it were. I still remember being introduced to it at Shouldice, grabbing a complimentary copy of The Globe And Mail and finding myself intrigued by this new puzzle, and feeling cocky (yeah yeah yeah, lol) as I began playing while awaiting my turn with the good doctor … almost 30 minutes elapsed, and still was stumped … then it suddenly started falling into place … and at that time the Dr. came out and called my name … and quickly did a one-eighty, expecting me to be following right behind. Nope, not a fucking chance. Didn’t flinch – remained seated … needed 20 more seconds to complete my first attempt at KenKen – wasn’t about to quit/give in then … hernia be damned, lol!! And, I’ve never looked back … before that day, Sudoku was my game … find KenKen much more tantalizing. Completion can take anywhere from 15 minutes, to a few days (I never devote more than half an hour at a sitting btw). Love logic – love keeping my brain sharp … but not my pencil, ALWAYS play in pen. Inked, no 2nd chances here folks!!

2 recent games (victorious – go ahead, check … PLEASE, lol) …

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