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So ya ain’t metric; get over it!

Arrogant Americans! OK, I posted/pleaded/even asked politely in a previous post. Maybe I’m reading WAY too many running blogs lately, lol. But, leave it to the US bloggers to bugger up how they did in a 5K, a 10K with their conversions to miles. WHY WHY WHY???

… it’s completely unnecessary … please, don’t do that. I love what you have to say, then you spoil/ruin it … forcing me to stop reading and moving on to other blogs. Just a smartrunningman offering an observation! 💡

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stop with the imperial unit conversion nonsense!!

… talkin’ ’bout bloggers – running bloggers specifically … who run 5K (or 10K) races, and INSIST on converting the distances to miles when blogging ’bout it all?! Love reading your stories, but it’s VERY annoying … either 5K (or 10K) … THAT’S IT … nuff said!!