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rolling my “R”s!!

Listening to the greatest Maybe I’m Amazed version (on rdio – on repeat too) … from the Back in the U.S. album … w/my Grado cans cranked! I love it when Paul rolls his “R” (coolest part) … takes me back a million years when my father was teaching us Russian (un-coolest part). He thought Russian for real, and rolling “R”s is necessary/integral in its language … but I could never do it! I just couldn’t! And the more he showed (showed off) his ability to do so, the more I struggled with my lack of being able to. Thanks for the great song Paul … not so much reminding me of the douche-bag-dad I had!!

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… for now’s what I mean … don’t hold yer breath, and I don’t wanna hear smack from any of ya when ya see more, lol!! Love ’em both, 1st pic ’cause he’s looking so casual … shirt unmotherfuckingtucked … with a hint of a smile, both rare for him … unsure of the year, guessing ’53-’55 … do know it’s a cultural event (another reason I cherish these particular photos), he was extremely proud of his roots, of his ancestry and heritage. The 2nd pic, taken February ’57 … is of him with friends, love it as well ’cause he was always the best looking one of the bunch … GREAT hair as always, contrasting colours; jacket and pants … AND check out his flatly folded hankie … spank-yie very much, snot-rag stylin’ shit motherfucker had goin’ on!!

Scan 130220000

Scan 130220001

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the apple and the tree

Pics, and a little lauding perhaps … maybe faint, but praise nonetheless … and this blog’s the only voice I got, so here I speak. I’ll start with some numbers … January 6, 1935 … 1935 – 2013 = 78 … 39 + 39 = 78 … 49 … 39 + 49 = 88 … 88 – 78 = 10 … yep, ten … now the pics, bunch of oldies and a single goodie …

the apple:

Jan. 5, 2013


the tree:


Scan 130060005


Scan 130060006

September 1953, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Scan 130060009

1953 (with ??)

Scan 130060010

1954, Vancouver, B.C. (with Bill, best friend and cousin)

Scan 130060002

November 1956, Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C.

Scan 130060011

February 1957, at home … 16 years later, mere steps from where he stood … he’d draw his last breath.

Scan 130060012