I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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my black friday day bitches!

… it started early, was very cold standing 40 minutes in line waiting for the store to open. once in, got my RCA 40″ HDTV. a bit of a snag trying paying w/ points … no worries if nothing else, danistrulytheman is one persistent SOB. after 45 minutes or so, got what I wanted … half a yard, cash in hand. sweet! PLUS, still will have my original 50000 points returned back to my account,when I’m done w/ them. all’s well that ends well. next stop was Bay Bloor Radio; I knew what I wanted, new Grado cans + a new Grado extension cable (even so, I did have a hell of a fun time playing w/ their wall of headphones) … hey, I didn’t mind wasting my time on their dime – I love places that validate parking smack dab in the heart of the city! oh, I would be remiss if I didn’t include this deal too … my fave diet pepsi from Shoppers Drug Mart (ok, I know the shit is bad, but I drink one per day, max, … don’t judge, lol). all said and done, taxes included, everything you see here … I paid two bits under $400. yep, bitches … sweet!





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rolling my “R”s!!

Listening to the greatest Maybe I’m Amazed version (on rdio – on repeat too) … from the Back in the U.S. album … w/my Grado cans cranked! I love it when Paul rolls his “R” (coolest part) … takes me back a million years when my father was teaching us Russian (un-coolest part). He thought Russian for real, and rolling “R”s is necessary/integral in its language … but I could never do it! I just couldn’t! And the more he showed (showed off) his ability to do so, the more I struggled with my lack of being able to. Thanks for the great song Paul … not so much reminding me of the douche-bag-dad I had!!