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Thanks friend!!

My friend returned on Friday from his month long trip to Pakistan, I told him I’d stop by his office today to catch-up on our lives, things in general. Imagine my surprise when he handed me this gift he brought back … a gorgeous Lacoste polo shirt, striking in a pewter colour. I swear, if I hadn’t been born with a cock, buckets of tears would have started flowing … I’d still be bawling, lol. It came in this bag, the store where he purchased it … check out the misspelling of email, I saw this right away (he didn’t even notice) and we laughed about the stupidity of such an error … they must have printed off thousands and thousands of these bags, lol!! What a great guy, I still am so touched and thankful of his kindness … a true friend!!


The fit: Sweet eh? Sorries ’bout the flash, lol.

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I’ve posted about you here on my blog, but realized that I never posted your picture. Such a shame !! I have so many beautiful pictures too, but this one is my all time favourite. It sits prominently displayed on my desk in a 9″ X 11″ frame and not a day goes by when I don’t take a look, even if just a quick glance reminding me of you being in our lives. A smile crosses my face and I’m taken back  … rubbing your belly, praising you over, and over … “good girl”, “good girl Lily”, “good girl”!! And you were!!

When you were suddenly taken from us, I remember emotionally saying, “I hope there is a heaven so I could see you again”, that thought still remains true. I also remember saying, seeing all my family when I enter, pushing them all aside, “Everybody get out of the way!! Where’s my Lily?” … and that thought still remains true too … maybe even more, lol!!