I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Say live and let die

When you were young
And your heart was an open book
You used to say live and let live
You know you did
You know you did
You know you did
But if this ever changin’
In which we live in

Makes you give in and cry

Say live and let die
Live and let die


BTW, this was Axl at his motherfucking best!!

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Kitchen stuff!!

I’ve been watching a few presentations of various kitchen appliances, gadgets on TV lately. I love watching these shows. Some are gimmicky, some are practical, but all I keep thinking is that I don’t need any of them. Ideally, I would love a couple more burners on my stove, and a bigger oven … that’s what I really need. I love buying pots and pans too, I can never seem to have enough of those. The ones that I covet though are so bloody expensive. The Bay had Le Creuset pots for five fucking hundred dollars!! Hello … and goodbye!! Fuck that shit!! Mucho dinero to say the least. The other day I bought a magazine with recipes from all the Food Network stars, it was an Italian edition (my favourite, lol). And there was different meatball recipes. I fucking love meatballs, and I make many variations. Funny thing about all of these is that they all included fennel seeds. Feeling inspired, I went and bought the ingredients and followed the recipe explicitly … most times I would vary procedures, this time I didn’t. Toasting the fennel seeds filled my house which such aromatic bliss. Call me Johnny Fennelseed … sorry, couldn’t resist, lol. The next step called for grinding the seeds into a powder … and not having a grinder, or a mortal and pestle, I pounded them between my towel and cutting board with my kitchen mallet. The results were “ok”  but not close to being quick, efficient, or perfect. So, my next purchase, my next kitchen want … is a dedicated spice/nut grinder!! I already researched many, but they are so pricey, and since this item is highly specialized … I mean I’m not about to be grinding spices on a daily fucking basis, I want to get one for a cheap price, I’m not about to dole out forty-fifty bucks for the Goddamn thing. Patience is definitely on my side!! Oh, they turned out fucking great, and I served them with crusty bread and caciocavallo cheese pictured below!!

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Tiffany & Co. … & Valentines Day!!

Here I thought it would be an in and out type of thing today. It’s Sunday, got there early, or so I thought and still they were busy. Guess a lot of guys are thinking the same … maybe a lot of the guy’s wives (girlfriends) have us thinking this way, lol.  Hey, it wasn’t so bad, and I love how they have all your information on file from previous purchases!! They have a great way of numbing your fiscal senses, you almost feel anesthetized handing over your credit card, spending money … it’s very, very, painless!!