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a coupla new drinks

… for me at least. The 1st one comes from my day at the CNE, dude ahead in line at the Jamaica food counter got this drink with his order – Coco Cool Coconut Water, couldn’t stop looking/talking ’bout it … all intrigued – figured why not give it a shot, so we did. It was very good, very refreshing … gotta admit takes a bit getting used to drinking your drink while eating your drink at the same time, lol. Later told my friend about it (showed him the pic – recognized it immediately), says he loves it and that it’s available in certain ethnic based grocery stores … who knew, lol!!

… the 2nd, I would assume probably isn’t new to many seeing this (or seeing this again in that case, lol) … but in my neck of the woods, it is (just like it says on the carton, lol)!! Enjoy my nightly can of diet Pepsi … and the Wild Cherry taste is awesome – WOW, that was a pleasant oomph!! When you think of it, combining the two seems like a no brainer … AND now provides me 100% opportunity of zero-cal mixing it up … suiting my (finicky – at times, lol) mood!! 😉