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Best Olive Oil – Bar None!!

Listen folks, been doing this a long LONG time … tried ’em all … specialty shops included, all devoted to this never-ending passion many of us consume ourselves with … looking for, wanting to find/try the world’s best olive oil … the elusive Holy Grail as it were.  And admittedly, it is exciting … searching/sourcing/sampling many MANY brands/styles/country’s versions … and many reputed claims as being said best. I’m here to tell you to stop searching – look no further, Acropolis Organics wins hands down. I’ve blogged previously my affection for it, just reiterating my thoughts/findings. Especially love lavishly drizzling it over sliced heirloom tomatoes, and fresh basil from my garden (randomly scattered overtop, all arranged beautifully on the biggest platter I own), seasoned with Maldon flakes and a bit of very finely freshly ground pepper … sopping up all the tomato/olive oil goodness with crusty Italian (or French) bread while laughing/drinking/sharing stories/enjoying life/eating communally … family style. Check out today’s haul y’all – 3 bottles full, yes sir yes sir … and a highly anticipated salivating tasting of their Mousto Balsamic Vinegar …