I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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it’s a war inside my head, I take a day off I’ll be dead

a dark black past is my
most valued possession

hindsight is always 20-20
looking back it’s still a bit fuzzy

feeling claustrophobic
like the walls are closing in
blood stains on my hands
and I don’t know where I’ve been

I’m in trouble for the things
I haven’t got to yet
I’m sharpening the ax
and my palms are getting wet
sweating bullets

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labour daze and ribeyez

Ribeye steaks … although at a smidgen over 3 inches thick, perhaps roasts would be appropriate. Haven’t been grilling as much as I’d like too, as much as I should … nothing like a 3 day holiday week-end and a last kick at the summer-can to remedy that. Picked up these 2 Sterling SilverĀ® (premium meat – top 12% of grain fed cattle) beauties at my not so local Sobeys. A few pics (and the omission of beer is purely accidental, rest assured its presence was prominent, lol) … enjoy!!

Pepper rubbed – patiently waiting …

The first kiss of the grill (look how thick they are) …

So far, so good …

Getting their char on – LOVE that …

… I think we’re done folks …

1 steak (perfect medium rare, don’t ya think?) sliced ‘n braided plated

Grill toasted and garlic buttered French Loaf …

And my plate (served with my grilled baby portabello, sweet onion, poblano medley) …