I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


3 runs 3 runs 3 runs – yes sir!

… 5.94K – 27:04 minutes! I’ll take it – was a great day for a run, blue skies and cool, albeit a bit breezy by the lake for my liking. Don’t know what to make of my runs lately, I don’t necessarily feel strong yet, not like last year … but my pace doesn’t indicate that?! Funny; my final run, saw a strong runner approaching, so I waited and let him pass – allowing him a generous lead, then took off following. Was never my intention to pass, just to keep pace – but surprisingly was quickly on his heels and knowing I’d be stopping shortly, wasn’t about to pass showing him up. BUT he veered off onto a parallel path – THEN, I figured all bets were off – all’s fair in love and running … so I kicked it into high gear for my remaining 400 meters, intentionally giving him a periphery of speedy danzoles, lol!!