I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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i AM a leslievillian!!

… moved here 18 days ago, BEST move of my life… hands down!!

and, girlfriend S-A hit the nail on the head… “you’re high strung”, lol!!

def know this is gonna help loosen those tightly wound strings

… allowing me to become an official chillin’ villainzen, baby!!

welcome to yer new hood danistrulytheman… I LOVE the6!!

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street dogs & creemore!

inspired by my PC® brand buns (check out the poppy seeds, extra long too) purchased today… love these bad boys! already had the all beef jumbo franks in the fridge… was a perfect marriage. roughly chopped sweet onion, sliced tomatoes, hot peppers, mustard… and, the secret ingredient (drum roll, please)… cheez whiz!! perfect for a hotter than hell july day, after a long day of work… and, after a 5k run… danistrulythemotherfuckingman!!





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523 days lovin’ my Smythson Of Bond Street… and counting!!

primed! remember this? my Smythson Xmas gift, two Christmases ago? was my fave/best present to me (sadly, from me) merry fucking Christmas danistrulytheman! iPhone 5s sleeve’s been put through the motherfucking wringer, yet still looks brand-spankin’ new… Smythson quality is the bomb y’all (Italian made)! I absolutely LOVE it… AND, I LOVE me!! 



I bought the bitch!!

danistrulytheman … the domain, I own the cunt! No more danistrulytheman.wordpress.com… starting today, I’m danistrulytheman.com


… about time too, been blogging in various formats coming on 10 years… WordPress made it easy/painless … they’ve been whoring ($$) me to update for eons, lol. And, while their conversion US>CAN rate wasn’t necessarily in my favour… they used dollar increments for all charges, which I prefer, thanks guys!

… am sure you’re wondering – bottom line difference for y’all? None!! Same shit as always… read it and weep!!

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“best $40 I ever spent” – danistrulytheman

Jonathan laughed when I said that! I greeted my postie (3rd day straight – finally arrived) today, I had both decals applied within 20 minutes! The pic of the one on the hood doesn’t do it justice (if anything, reveals my chipping paint), but the rear pic is awesome… is the one people will see most of the time! At a distance, both look so incredible… feel like I’ve a new car, lol! Oh, BTW… this is the first money I spent on my honey since buying her 6 months ago… BabyZen is very, very, happy… I am too!!



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shit went exactly as planned!

EXACTLY as planned (in my mind, that is)!! could NOT have gone better – no fecking way!! am still in awe/disbelief of how it all went down, and how quickly too?! good karma & horseshoes up the wazoo or what danistrulytheman?! def perfect timing for Hannibal‘s proverbial, “I love it when a plan comes together”!! damn straight, A-man … damn straight!!