I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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113 days, and counting!

… (is a prime number btw) and I cannot wait till it hits zero! … ok, here goes; I’M MOVING BITCHES, and am chuffed as fuck! The cat was let outta bag for those in the know some time ago, and now y’all are officially included in dansnewsoftheday… I’m moving to Leslieville (many pics/blogs will follow too – promise)! Queen Street East Mofos! I’m gonna be an east-end hipster, lol! I keep calendar counting down the days, playing it all out in my mind, over and over… and over! Completely cognizant there’s still so much to do before the day arrives, but come October 1st, am looking (& leaping) forward to the countless, new neighbourhood experiences to enjoy… is my (soon to be) new life! Yep, chuffed as mofo fuck!

… perhaps a hop, skip (no jump – weez too old) for burgers @ the Brooklyn to celebrate (again), whaddya ya think Tiff K?… yer dime… well, maybe, we’ll see, lol!

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ok ok, last one … least for awhile

… I promise!! As if I have to even begin to apologize/explain myself to y’all … yet here I am. Bear with me gang, your loyalty will be rewarded. Been on a music diggin’ kick lately (can ya tell, lol?) , other blog posts haven’t been there recently for a variety of reasons, and if I ain’t happy, ain’t pushing Publish … lots of trash-tossing lately folks.. Heard this today on my Psychedelic Sunday with Andy Frost … GREAT GREAT song by Three Dog Night … and with Christmas and the holidays upon us … and the song’s feelgoodfestiveness felt throughout … figured one more for the road … as it were, wouldn’t hurt. So please listen and enjoy (btw, Happy Holidays y’all). No need to worry, concern your pretty little heads with what appears to be a danistrulytheman absence … ’cause I’m sayin’ it ain’t so … will be back with a vengeance, BIGGER and better than ever … with plenty of verbal assaults strategically strewn about, lol. Ya can’t keep a good man down …

slipping away sitting on a pillow. dress up tonight why be lonely … celebrate celebrate dance to the music