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many happy returns

… quickie update on the spruce up. I know I know, you’ve been patiently waiting to hear … too many headaches – don’t get me started. Good news is that FINALLY it’s a go … thanks Reno Warrior Hawk!! Been shopping up a storm at the big-box stores – over buying too since their return policy permits taking back unused shit no questions asked. Couldn’t believe my luck today returning to another store, not even big-box … receipt was from July 5 … and before I walked in was hoping they’d give me a store credit, was ready to beg/plead … but dude casually asked for my AMEX, lol. Here’s my great story from Lowe’s yesterday. I was looking for a specific bathroom vanity that I saw online – it was advertised at a clearance price, and knew the last one in the whole province was THIS display model. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. I asked the person to get me the person in charge to ask what the best price I could get if I chose to buy it … continually was showing him the DAMAGE  (while I kept planning my negotiation strategies) … but it wasn’t even – only had three tiny nicks, still didn’t stop me from unashamedly planting that, you better give me a good deal seed , meanwhile thinking of the price I wanted to pay. And I knew he was gonna discount it further – they wanted to get rid of it (btw, from overheard conversations amongst employees, always keeping my ears open listening for juicy info … this vendor was being completely discontinued from Lowe’sBONUS, more bargaining ammo, lol) … so I was one step ahead of him when he told me he’d slash it by 50% MORE … of course I was gonna take it for that (besides it’s close to what I was thinking as a GREAT price), but I gave him my best pokerface hiding my excitement and countered with my “fine, but throw in touch-up paint ’cause I ain’t paying for it”. Lady at the paints bent over backwards trying to match it, she was right … stain (not paint) was the answer, and she said I needed clear satin polyurethane too to apply after the stain … I said great, what did I care, it was gonna be comped – $14 worth for both cans, lol. And here’s the best part, as I proceeded to the check-out I asked the worker helping me about the return policy on this … I honestly assumed it was a final sale (read; no returns) since it was the last one, and since it included so many price reductions … I’m not joking – it’s sick what I paid!! He shook his head and said that I could return it like any other purchase!! Are you fucking kidding me I said, lol?! And I ain’t returning it … thing’s f’n gorgeous AND I haven’t even touched up the blemishes yet!! Been walking around the stores doing the construction guy thing too … you know, with a tape measure strapped to my pants … ‘cept I hang it low on the pocket of my low rise jeans for that little bit of cocky construction guy swagger, ‘nstead of the high waisted up to yer armpits old-school look, like all ya conservative douchey-dufus professionals, lol. Yes, I know the latter is the more practical pick … but DAMN, really was rockin’ ma look, lol!!