I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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King of Win!!

Someone watches over me, I have clydesdale sized horseshoes up my ass, or I am extremely on the ball? Maybe, it’s my life trifecta? This morning went to check stuff out at johnvarvatos … and what did I see? My recently purchased Converse X kicks on sale. A quick email, followed by an even quicker phone call … and Bob’s your price adjustment uncle. They happily credited my AMEX the difference since it was within the 14 day company policy time allowance for said adjustments. Still not sure the exact refund amount, but I’m guessing it’s $60+ … I loved them before when I initially bought & got ’em … I love them even more now! Next, about an hour later began working on finalizing a purchase I had on my mind for a few days. I won’t lie, my first thoughts at the time were too excessive, too expensive … but now, for whatever reason, Banana Republic popped to mind. Went online to see what their site had to offer. Not only was I able to peruse items, I was able to check availability at my nearby store (updated every 20 minutes) which is what I wanted, nothing worse than wasted trips to the mall. While deciding on the exact item I wanted, I did happen to catch that 40% discount offer (today & tomorrow/online purchases only) prominently displayed. Why go to the mall and spend $125, when I can sit on my fat ass and order from my computer (along with a cool personalized message at no charge – I LOVE that shit, lol) for $75? Exactly? So that’s what I did, and in all likelihood, will be returning it for a refund at the store, but at least now I have it, and at a sweet deal, really it just provides greater flexibility, whatever I decide. The way I look at it, the money back from JV covers the BR purchase. Win Win … King!!


and for the record, it’s 110%!!

… not 101% as you erroneously referred to it – ‘101% for sure’ to quote you verbatim, when I asked one final time about combining – a price match from a competitor, with the Save The Tax Event my fave Lowe’s was offering! You really shouldn’t have been so confident either since you really didn’t have a clue. As it turned out; pursuing it further, I was able to score both deals, adding up to BIGTIME $AVING$ on my big ticket item purchase! Yep … 110% for sure I did, lol!

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new shades, no shave (… and no give a shit)!

… yeah, I snagged these sunglasses for a steal of a deal at a warehouse sale. Sweet!

… and, as far as the lack of razor blades skating smoothly all over my salt ‘n pepper whiskered mug – what can I say? My plate’s been overflowing lately – y’all don’t know the half of it! Hey, it makes me look sophisticated and distinguished. Don’t ya think?

whoaaa, damn motherfucker?! Get yourself a haircut! And quick too, lol!


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Kiehl’s Shave Swap!!

What a great deal, unbelievable!! Bring in an old can of shave cream (could be an empty can too), and exchange it for their White Eagle brand shave cream … a $12.50 value. Great score … LOVE Kiehl’s!!

email offer …


handing over my Gillette


my free Kiehl’s


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many happy returns

… quickie update on the spruce up. I know I know, you’ve been patiently waiting to hear … too many headaches – don’t get me started. Good news is that FINALLY it’s a go … thanks Reno Warrior Hawk!! Been shopping up a storm at the big-box stores – over buying too since their return policy permits taking back unused shit no questions asked. Couldn’t believe my luck today returning to another store, not even big-box … receipt was from July 5 … and before I walked in was hoping they’d give me a store credit, was ready to beg/plead … but dude casually asked for my AMEX, lol. Here’s my great story from Lowe’s yesterday. I was looking for a specific bathroom vanity that I saw online – it was advertised at a clearance price, and knew the last one in the whole province was THIS display model. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. I asked the person to get me the person in charge to ask what the best price I could get if I chose to buy it … continually was showing him the DAMAGE  (while I kept planning my negotiation strategies) … but it wasn’t even – only had three tiny nicks, still didn’t stop me from unashamedly planting that, you better give me a good deal seed , meanwhile thinking of the price I wanted to pay. And I knew he was gonna discount it further – they wanted to get rid of it (btw, from overheard conversations amongst employees, always keeping my ears open listening for juicy info … this vendor was being completely discontinued from Lowe’sBONUS, more bargaining ammo, lol) … so I was one step ahead of him when he told me he’d slash it by 50% MORE … of course I was gonna take it for that (besides it’s close to what I was thinking as a GREAT price), but I gave him my best pokerface hiding my excitement and countered with my “fine, but throw in touch-up paint ’cause I ain’t paying for it”. Lady at the paints bent over backwards trying to match it, she was right … stain (not paint) was the answer, and she said I needed clear satin polyurethane too to apply after the stain … I said great, what did I care, it was gonna be comped – $14 worth for both cans, lol. And here’s the best part, as I proceeded to the check-out I asked the worker helping me about the return policy on this … I honestly assumed it was a final sale (read; no returns) since it was the last one, and since it included so many price reductions … I’m not joking – it’s sick what I paid!! He shook his head and said that I could return it like any other purchase!! Are you fucking kidding me I said, lol?! And I ain’t returning it … thing’s f’n gorgeous AND I haven’t even touched up the blemishes yet!! Been walking around the stores doing the construction guy thing too … you know, with a tape measure strapped to my pants … ‘cept I hang it low on the pocket of my low rise jeans for that little bit of cocky construction guy swagger, ‘nstead of the high waisted up to yer armpits old-school look, like all ya conservative douchey-dufus professionals, lol. Yes, I know the latter is the more practical pick … but DAMN, really was rockin’ ma look, lol!!

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“and all you highfalutin food blogging people I don’t care if you don’t understand” – danistrulytheman

this is in reference & response (with a bit of Skynyrd thrown in for fun, lol) to a lot of what I see lately, and my little bit o’ rubbin’ it in rebuttal re: previous post. too often too many have tunnel vision for nouveau-chic-cuisine that needs immediate braggin’ rights & blog love. not me. love my old school gems, love a good meal at a steal of a deal. yesterday was def a blog worthy meal. forgot to mention – working girl animatedly & emphatically told me I was gonna love it – yep, I did. + 2 soups + 2 buns + tip = $5.50. beat that foodiebloggingbitches.

but let me say one thing mama, sugar I do as I please