I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


and for the record, it’s 110%!!

… not 101% as you erroneously referred to it – ‘101% for sure’ to quote you verbatim, when I asked one final time about combining – a price match from a competitor, with the Save The Tax Event my fave Lowe’s was offering! You really shouldn’t have been so confident either since you really didn’t have a clue. As it turned out; pursuing it further, I was able to score both deals, adding up to BIGTIME $AVING$ on my big ticket item purchase! Yep … 110% for sure I did, lol!

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Black Friday Score Story!

Remember my score from before? My $25 ladder from Lowe’s? That was awesome! Now I think I have a ladder fetish, lol. I’ve been wanting a good quality 4′ ladder ever since. They never go on sale, in fact stores don’t carry/stock the highest rated Grade 1 Type 1A or Type 1AA. My Home Depot did have a few Grade 1 Type 1 ladders in stock. So when I spied their Black Friday flyer offering a 5′ fiberglass ladder for $29, I was curious – in fact I was in Home Depot yesterday, and while there wanted to check it out. But, when I inquired, I was told they weren’t even putting them out till the stored closed, so they’d be ready for sale Friday morning – doors opened at 6:00 I was told. Oh, also I gleaned another tidbit – they were only allotted 37 ladders for this store. I was out running errands, so I went, but it was in the afternoon, and worker-dude told me by 10 o’clock they were all snapped up. I figured. I don’t even know if I would have bought one anyways, I really have my heart set on the 4′ model. Standing in the ladder row, admiring MY ladder, my mind’s wheels started churning. I knew it was a longshot, but I’ve got a set on me, so I proceeded to customer service. As I began talking to the lady behind the counter, I could see/feel negativity immediately as I spoke. Her facial expression/body language didn’t look promising. But, I hadn’t hit her with my well thought out line yet. “Nothing we can do”, was what she was saying since it was limited quantities, and they were sold out. Then, I said, “well, can I have a 4 footer for the same price?” Her facial expression changed, AND she began walking back, poking her head into a room to obviously speak with someone in higher authority. I knew I had her. See, it’s that mentality … 4 feet is less than 5 feet, the customer is getting less. So she thought, in fact, I kept selling it too, saying I’d settle for a smaller ladder, lol. Little did she know it was the one I coveted all along, and it’s higher rated, AND it costs $65 … well, not for me, not now, lol. She told me to go get it, and come back and see her. I did. She asked how I wanted to pay? Cash, I said. I just wanted to get the hell outta there before anybody got wise to me, lol! Yeah, bought a Lotta MAX – after today’s horseshoes, ya never know, eh?!

Black Friday flyer …


My new 4′ $29 ladder! Sweet …


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lookie my new Lowe’s credit card!!

… arrived in the mail today! Been spending up a storm with my temporary card, buying a shitload of shit, scoring great deals along the way, AND getting 10% off (or more) all purchases. Have I told y’all (recently, lol) how much I LOVE Lowe’s … looks like they love me back too … card says, Preferred Customer … 😉


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roof rack & rope!

… who’d have thunk it? Problem solved. Money saved. Was no way I was doling out delivery fee dinero for a bathtub. I’m already getting soaked enough as it is – trust me!

… oh, and that Lowe’s sign in the background, while purely unintentional, is truly fitting … I LOVE Lowe’s!


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head and shoulders above the rest

… as if I wasn’t already, lol?! Saw this (Lowe’s Black Friday flyer) yesterday on RedFlagDeals which caught my eye; Werner 6 foot step ladder priced at $74.98 on sale for $24.98 … are you shittin’ me?!?! Now I know it ain’t their top of the line highest rated load capacity industrial usage models, you’re talking big bucks ($$$$) for those, but for my puttering around the house purposes, and the price ($50 off), who cares … it’ll suit me just fine spank you very much!! An early morning online check confirmed the sale price was already in their system (although it didn’t discount scan when I self serve check-out attempted – no matter; customer service to the rescue and all was rectified. Have y’all been reading lately how much I LOVE LOWE’S, lol?) so I didn’t even have to wait till Friday to get mine, ALWAYS one step ahead of y’all!! 😉

on the shelf ready to be snatched …

regular price …

ready to be taken home …

All in came to $28.23 with taxes – I know, eh?! Still scratching my head in good-deal-disbelief!!😯

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“all Daniels are bad” – Ana

… is what she said when she read my name off my AMEX as I was takin’ ‘vantage of their good customer loyalty program deal (told ya all I was gonna weasel my way in, lol) they were offering in conjunction with Lowe’s. She said it affectionately referring to her little rapscallion who shares my name, and her deep motherly love for him. And I AGREED with her … all of us ARE bad, lol. We continued talking – we both love the name Daniel … it truly is a beautiful name and one thing we both love is its uncommonness. Ana, thanks for that memorable little blip in my otherwise unforgettable day … something tells me your little Daniel is the man too, lol!! 😎

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many happy returns

… quickie update on the spruce up. I know I know, you’ve been patiently waiting to hear … too many headaches – don’t get me started. Good news is that FINALLY it’s a go … thanks Reno Warrior Hawk!! Been shopping up a storm at the big-box stores – over buying too since their return policy permits taking back unused shit no questions asked. Couldn’t believe my luck today returning to another store, not even big-box … receipt was from July 5 … and before I walked in was hoping they’d give me a store credit, was ready to beg/plead … but dude casually asked for my AMEX, lol. Here’s my great story from Lowe’s yesterday. I was looking for a specific bathroom vanity that I saw online – it was advertised at a clearance price, and knew the last one in the whole province was THIS display model. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. I asked the person to get me the person in charge to ask what the best price I could get if I chose to buy it … continually was showing him the DAMAGE  (while I kept planning my negotiation strategies) … but it wasn’t even – only had three tiny nicks, still didn’t stop me from unashamedly planting that, you better give me a good deal seed , meanwhile thinking of the price I wanted to pay. And I knew he was gonna discount it further – they wanted to get rid of it (btw, from overheard conversations amongst employees, always keeping my ears open listening for juicy info … this vendor was being completely discontinued from Lowe’sBONUS, more bargaining ammo, lol) … so I was one step ahead of him when he told me he’d slash it by 50% MORE … of course I was gonna take it for that (besides it’s close to what I was thinking as a GREAT price), but I gave him my best pokerface hiding my excitement and countered with my “fine, but throw in touch-up paint ’cause I ain’t paying for it”. Lady at the paints bent over backwards trying to match it, she was right … stain (not paint) was the answer, and she said I needed clear satin polyurethane too to apply after the stain … I said great, what did I care, it was gonna be comped – $14 worth for both cans, lol. And here’s the best part, as I proceeded to the check-out I asked the worker helping me about the return policy on this … I honestly assumed it was a final sale (read; no returns) since it was the last one, and since it included so many price reductions … I’m not joking – it’s sick what I paid!! He shook his head and said that I could return it like any other purchase!! Are you fucking kidding me I said, lol?! And I ain’t returning it … thing’s f’n gorgeous AND I haven’t even touched up the blemishes yet!! Been walking around the stores doing the construction guy thing too … you know, with a tape measure strapped to my pants … ‘cept I hang it low on the pocket of my low rise jeans for that little bit of cocky construction guy swagger, ‘nstead of the high waisted up to yer armpits old-school look, like all ya conservative douchey-dufus professionals, lol. Yes, I know the latter is the more practical pick … but DAMN, really was rockin’ ma look, lol!!