I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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musta been a shithead in my former life!

… and, now god is blessing me! still, can’t believe all the kindness/niceness here?! it’s regular canada amped up 10X! it’s infectious… i really REALLY am so blessed!!” roti from heaven” was my alternative blog-post, but shithead in any title rules y’all! speaking of ruling… riverdale neighbour tyler says, “east end is the best”…  ya got that shit right bro!

ok. heaven’s aforementioned roti… from eadrey’s!





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that’s a shite-load of chili!

… my le creuset says so! my oh-so-byoot-ah-ful-ova-flowin le creuset, says so! one of my fave meals ever, so versatile! today am KISS, and goin’ classic.. goin’ old school basic!

pics don’t even begin to do it justice! flew solo today too… tiff missed the chili boat! she was busy serving/eating baba ganoush eggs benny bunny… baby!

… can you spell/smell leftovers, y’all?




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my beef strogi-yogi!!

… holy mother-eff!! this MAY be my greatest creation/meal ever… and w/o trying. that shit just ain’t right!!

… slow ‘n low fall apart pot roast, along w/braised/caramelized/roasted organic carrots, AND, along w/a Hungarian noodle kicker! ’tis a MOFOSlamDunk y’all!! (NBA all star game reference completely unintentional, although applicable)!!

… oh yeah, and served w/the best ciabatta (buttered) in T.O.)

… today, lifeisnice!!