I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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musta been a shithead in my former life!

… and, now god is blessing me! still, can’t believe all the kindness/niceness here?! it’s regular canada amped up 10X! it’s infectious… i really REALLY am so blessed!!” roti from heaven” was my alternative blog-post, but shithead in any title rules y’all! speaking of ruling… riverdale neighbour tyler says, “east end is the best”…  ya got that shit right bro!

ok. heaven’s aforementioned roti… from eadrey’s!





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that’s a shite-load of chili!

… my le creuset says so! my oh-so-byoot-ah-ful-ova-flowin le creuset, says so! one of my fave meals ever, so versatile! today am KISS, and goin’ classic.. goin’ old school basic!

pics don’t even begin to do it justice! flew solo today too… tiff missed the chili boat! she was busy serving/eating baba ganoush eggs benny bunny… baby!

… can you spell/smell leftovers, y’all?




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my beef strogi-yogi!!

… holy mother-eff!! this MAY be my greatest creation/meal ever… and w/o trying. that shit just ain’t right!!

… slow ‘n low fall apart pot roast, along w/braised/caramelized/roasted organic carrots, AND, along w/a Hungarian noodle kicker! ’tis a MOFOSlamDunk y’all!! (NBA all star game reference completely unintentional, although applicable)!!

… oh yeah, and served w/the best ciabatta (buttered) in T.O.)

… today, lifeisnice!!






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chili strozzapreti… & my shite life!

… trying to juggle so much crap, and now crap from over a year ago hit the danfan today. so much on my plate, trying my best to deal w/it all. hardly have any free time during my workday squeezing in the phone calls quelling the barrage! not all was bad, thanks seema for the call… much appreciated!

as promised; the aforementioned chili strozzapreti… w/grilled naan, & creemore!


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Toronto Island & Chili Spaghetti

OK, this time I WAS on Toronto Island! Although the ferry master did deny access due to my vehicle weight, forcing me over, onto the airport ferry again. Was so cool too; got a private escort across the fecking airport tarmac, crossing all runways! Oh yeah, on the otherside, only means of communication to get back? Is a phone in a box, lol!



My Aerial Bird’s Eye View…


Ain’t My Dime…


… Good To Be Home! Dinner…



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healthy eats!

… I know I was posting last year some ‘o this good stuff … healthier foods/drinks etc., that w/ my running became an integral part of whom I am in the here and now … my, in the grand scheme of things effort becoming a healthier (better too) human if you will! Tiff found the recipe on one of her many foodie sites; is the second time I’ve made it this week. I love salads, especially tasty-good-for-you-salads … chick peas, lentils, radishes … drizzled & tossed w/ a lemon, dill, dijon, garlic, vinaigrette … so mothereffing awesome!!

… a coupla pics, y’all!!



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sausages & chickpeas!

This is another one of my famous throw everything in the pot and hope for the best type of creations!! I bought sausages (hot Italian), and used whatever else I had in the house. I’ve been on a chickpeas roll of late, incorporating them in many meals I’ve been making … talk about awesome and healthy!! I grilled the sausages, then combined them w/ sautéed sweet onions, red peppers and kale. After a few minutes of sizzling ‘n flippin’ on high heat, I deglazed w/ white wine, added a bit of chicken broth, tossing in the chick peas, and bringing everthing to a simmer before placing in the oven to finish! Served w/ the obligatory/proverbial Italian crusty peasant loaf to sop up all the goodness, the best cheese you have in the icebox, a glass (or bottle, lol) of red vino, the lights dimmed creating the perfect ambience, Sting, or maybe Annie Lennox, playing softly in the background setting the mood… and yep, dansyermothereffinguncle

mungia mungia! farmer style mungia mungia …



yum, yum, and YUMMO


my stingy/meager portion (another blog post/lesson – another time) …


leftovers w/ fried & caramelized onions! leftovers are ALWAYS better …


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I’m getting a roomie? Tomorrow? Geez, thanks for the heads-up!

… always outta the loop! On a need to know basis. Apparently I need not knowing, lol!!

… is ok y’all, I LOVE my roomie! Now for the menu, hmmm? Pasta, pasta & MORE pasta!! … wait, and clemetines too!!

… another 4:20!! 😉

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linguine leftovers! w/ sausage & rapini!

Finally … pics, lol! I think it’s day 3? And I def know, I’m the master of using what’s in my pantry/fridge … I’m The King of Leftovers!!

… roasted yellow peppers, jalapeño peppers, garlic & sweet onions too!!

Served w/ olive ciabatta, Romano Lupa … bob’s yer f’n uncle!!