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Veggie garden soup, heavy on the Magyar (Hungarian egg noodle pasta), served w/ Beanitos®!

… Beanitos are the mofoeffinbombbtw… today, going pinto bean w/ cheddar… Better Cheddar!! And, for those not in the know, Hungarian noodles KILL!!

… love overloading my soups w/ tons of noodles! YUM-F-O!!




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my beef strogi-yogi!!

… holy mother-eff!! this MAY be my greatest creation/meal ever… and w/o trying. that shit just ain’t right!!

… slow ‘n low fall apart pot roast, along w/braised/caramelized/roasted organic carrots, AND, along w/a Hungarian noodle kicker! ’tis a MOFOSlamDunk y’all!! (NBA all star game reference completely unintentional, although applicable)!!

… oh yeah, and served w/the best ciabatta (buttered) in T.O.)

… today, lifeisnice!!






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chicken noodle soup – in a pinch!

… emphasis on noodles! Feeling sick, under the weather, whipped this up without stopping at the grocery store. Had all I needed at home. Those are Hungarian egg noodles (sorry, no pic) from Starsky Fine Foods, they’re thin and short – like needles, when dry, but as you can see, really plump and sop up broth when cooked. Speaking of broth, that’s organic chicken broth I had in the pantry, PLUS I had organic baby kale in the fridge so I tossed that in as well. I like finishing with grated cheese (Romano Lupa), and hot sauce, today I went with good ole Tabasco. A few pics y’all!