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meatballs, mushrooms, and marinara!

… m&m, & m! long story short; know damn well whole roasted mushrooms don’t belong – my 1st intent was meatball sandwiches. out the window that went. made my famous balls, instead served it simply. if served w/ $50 Barolo constitutes simply. next day, became my traditional spaghettini&meatballs (love this) meal. 3rd day turned into ‘the tossin’ the lot, the whole kit and kaboodle – then baking (my fave, btw – sorry, no pics) it. plus, still have 2 more days eats left! sweet, my 5 day eye-talian meal!







new digs, and a new friend!

I LOVE my new kitchen, the whole place kinda rocks! New stainless steel fridge, new cabinets, counter-top, island, sink & faucet, above stove microwave, new backsplash, new bar stools … but the star of the show is a new gas stove!! My first time cooking w/ gas too. In fact I had a maiden meal all planned out, I wanted pasta w/ either braised/simmered oxtails, or veal shanks … but grocery store deals dictated otherwise, so it’s pasta w/ sausages & meatballs. Not too shabby a second fiddle! Oh, true story – wanted to serve my inaugural meal w/ a Barolo … and a couple days ago allowed myself a final budgetary indulgence. It was a front of the line, membership benefits I saw in my inbox, a limited release Barolo. Perfect timing! I pounced, and if any’s left, the rest of you plebes can search ‘n seek LCBO’s inventory, when it’s finally released to the general public. I payed the same price, $49.95/bottle (plus only $15 shipping) for the 2 bottles I bought. Oh, speaking of indulgences, I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my next to last one … that one should arrive anytime soon. Perhaps, another blogpost, lol?!

Ok, mostly pics, few words – better, eh? A couple of notes about my gas range. Of course we all know (even if you don’t own one, never have used one), the best feature is immediate heat. I love that. But, my fave new thing to get used to, is not only the incremental heat that is available, but unlike other types of ranges w/ burners that continually shut off, trying to moderate cooking temps – gas ranges don’t … there’s never that lull, the simmer/sizzle never stops. I LOVE that!! As promised, pics …











… yep, a sucker for sweet pussy!!

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chicken noodle soup – in a pinch!

… emphasis on noodles! Feeling sick, under the weather, whipped this up without stopping at the grocery store. Had all I needed at home. Those are Hungarian egg noodles (sorry, no pic) from Starsky Fine Foods, they’re thin and short – like needles, when dry, but as you can see, really plump and sop up broth when cooked. Speaking of broth, that’s organic chicken broth I had in the pantry, PLUS I had organic baby kale in the fridge so I tossed that in as well. I like finishing with grated cheese (Romano Lupa), and hot sauce, today I went with good ole Tabasco. A few pics y’all!





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linguine leftovers! w/ sausage & rapini!

Finally … pics, lol! I think it’s day 3? And I def know, I’m the master of using what’s in my pantry/fridge … I’m The King of Leftovers!!

… roasted yellow peppers, jalapeño peppers, garlic & sweet onions too!!

Served w/ olive ciabatta, Romano Lupa … bob’s yer f’n uncle!! 



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spaghetti n’ shrimp

Cooler temps precipitated this … plus I had all the ingredients (pretty much), AND love using fresh herbs from my garden while I’m still able to – so the deal was sealed.

Italian spaghetti (loops around – VERY long):

Homemade sauce gently simmering away:

Pan sautéed shrimp in white wine, butter sauce – fresh oregano too:

Handfuls of whole basil leaves thrown in at the very end (along with the shrimp):

Combined with the pasta (this is KEY), NOT simply spooned on top:

Vino – red, any good Italian wine … Bread – crusty, peasant loaf … and YES Cheese (give a rat’s ass ’bout any seafood pasta rules we’ve all heard to the contrary. I’m eating a tomato based pasta, I’m grating cheese, and generously too, lol) – Grana Padano, Parm-Regg, or Romano Lupa. Good Italian eating … it don’t get no better folks!! 😉

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Today talking Paisano, but I ain’t delving too deeply either, kinda scratching the surface … don’t even get me started on my fave Romano Lupa ’cause I won’t stop! And I can’t begin to tell you how I have this disease unable to go into any of my wonderful markets without wandering *wink wink* by the cheese section AND buying cheese … any cheese … EVEN if my fridge is already fully stocked ‘n stuffed, lol! If lovin’ cheese is wrong I don’t wanna be right … if this an addiction I don’t wanna be cured, lol!!

And finally want to chime in with my 2¢ (which is what I wanted to say in the first place) about the Parmigiano-Reggiano vs. Grana Padano debate that I recently caught wind of, but apparently has been raging for quite some time now (who even knew there was a cheese war, lol?). Reggiano was always the king … the undisputed king of ALL Italian cheeses, every Goddamn Italian TV Chef segment had to include those words … Parmigiano-Reggiano  Parmigiano-Reggiano  Parmigiano-Reggiano … uh, can you say overkill? And just ’cause you can parrot saying it over and over and use it doesn’t make you a great chef!! But recently I noticed a trend, the great Italian chefs (including the matriarch herself – Lidia Bastianich) have been steering away from it, and instead incorporating and praising its lesser known (and less expensive) relative – Grano Padano in their recipes?! Damn Motherfuckers!! Been slummin’ for years buying Grano Padano getting more bang for my denaro and NOW y’all are following suit, lol?! All aboard the danistrulythemantrain everyone … choo choo!! 😉