I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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burning my cathedrals ’cause I don’t pray anymore

look at all of these people, tragic little people

this is where I draw a line, I will draw my line
this is where I blur my line, I will blur my line
this is where I cross my line, I am crossing my line



nature is a whore

he’s the one
who likes all our pretty songs
and he likes to sing along
and he likes to shoot his gun
but he knows not what it means
knows not what it means and I say aahh

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… ya done good kid … still sayin’ & repeatin’ (capped out too) said aforementioned “WOW” to myself over and over … and OVER again. Greatest Christmas EVER … lots of fun family times, lots (… and lots, lol) of good food … a few silly family pics too, lol … and plenty of presents … but none more heartfelt than WonderBoy’s … think I mentioned this limited edition vinyl Sublime to him a millionmonths ago (can’t believe he remembered) … and then he went doubly LPLuvin’ me with Nirvana … WOW … NEVERMIND!! Yep, done good motherfucker, real good … muchluvson!!




➡ today’s 4:20 … thanks Sublime, lol. 😉