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From Belarus with love!

… my little Minsk!! Don’t let conspiring American media make you think different. Just because she ain’t American, and just because she competes in a sport you don’t identify with, in a country well beyond your borders, make no mistake about it … triple Gold Medal winner Belarusian biathlete Darya Domracheva is the star of the Sochi Show!! She completely dominated her competitors … all three wins were won handily, making her accomplishments all the more impressive … хорошо!!

Biathlon Women’s Pursuit – Gold Medal

Biathlon Women’s Individual – Gold Medal

Biathlon Women’s Mass Start – Gold Medal



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Been non-bloggin’ ’bout the Olympics! Sochi what? None of your business! I did awake early (2 a.m.) anticipating this race. I’ve been trying to watch as much live Alpine Skiing as I can despite the awkward 9 hour time difference. This foxy-chick f’n rocks (and, she ain’t even Canuckian)! She absolutely destroyed the course! Great job girl!

Gold medalist – Anna Fenninger from Austria!

Austria's Fenninger clears a gate during the women's alpine skiing Super G competition at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Alpine Skiing - Winter Olympics Day 82014-02-15T090053Z_366192736_LR2EA2F0P17T6_RTRMADP_3_OLYMPICS-ALPINESKIING


what a difference a day makes

… and a couple years!! Back then I’d stack myself up against any other snow shoveler … wished it was Olympic event I was that good … very quick and efficient, working at a brisk walking pace, even running at times. Was a time I’d gladly go out 3 times a day during winter storms keeping our driveway cleared, AND do the neighbour’s as well when they were away to boot. Now, hope I never see the stuff, lol. Guessing we got a good 10 cm … was heavy and dense which didn’t help … all I know is my lungs are burning and I’m winded. In my best Danny Glover/Roger Murtaugh Lethal Weapon impersonation … I’m too old for this shit!!

winterland view from the foot of my driveway


… and looking the other way