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Running; I miss YOU my friend!!

I haven’t run since December 7th. Not once! I feared it would come to this, and I did my best minimizing weeks (months?) lost by stretching it out as long as I did during these changing seasons. I refuse to run when there are so many treacherous obstacles due to our weird&wicked-winter! Sidewalks still haven’t been cleared completely along my route. Not to mention all the fallen tree debris littering said sidewalks due to the ice-storm. It’s just NOT safe!! So, for now, I’m biding my warm-sweet-ass time!

Cold temps don’t affect me. Never have, not in the least. Nor hot climes either for that matter! If luck was on my side, if we had no snow. If essentially the neighbourhood was a hard, frozen tundra, I’d be out there every single day, same as I was in the spring/summer/fall …just protectively layered up the wazoo mind you, is all! Given the hand I was dealt, will wait. Better safe than sorry …right?

For Chrissakes, have been hit by a car (twice actually) when the running was good (least, when I thought it was). And, I am careful, peering into every vehicle crossing my path, watching driver’s eyes, and if they’re not looking in my direction, watching out for me, I’m VERY careful, watching out for THEM!  Despite this, I still unashamedly stake claim to my pedestrian right of way, never missing an opportunity; wagging my finger lecturingly (yeah, made it up) as I pass by. Smarten up … pay attention! Hood surfing more than once, can attest to drivers being more freaked out than I. Doesn’t help that our faces are inches apart due to my extending as far forward as I can … think Alien w/Sigourney Weaver! Oh, and God Bless the patient, attentive drivers who when they see runners approaching the intersection we are about to share … wait till we do, AND even reverse slightly signaling they see us, and allowing safe and easy passage. I  ALWAYS wave an appreciative wave, acknowledging their kindness. Must be runners themselves, I figure, lol?!

And, no … not about to climb aboard any treadmill … ok, I REALLY REALLY have to say this … I read many running blogs/sites. Running on a treadmill IS NOT running. Don’t know what the fuck it?! Exercise, sure. Fitness, absolutely. Calories burned, ditto. Healthy, check. Do I admire your efforts? Yep, you bet! It just ain’t running, so stop sayin’ it is, lol!

Extended Polar Vortexing ain’t helping my cause either! Looks like a LONG runless (I know, I know, another one) winter!

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I AM The Running Man!!

It’s not a tumour … apologies Arnold (twice, lol). Just chuffed as fuck with my back to back 8K record runs! Went out running this morning without any thoughts/expectations/goals, knew I was moving well/comfortably … and at the 25 minute audio cue, I suddenly became highly motivated – I think I was EXACTLY where I was for yesterday’s record run … but I also knew I was about to better it! Today, with under 3 kilometers to run, I felt much stronger than during yesterday’s run … and while I was so proud of yesterday’s 35 minute audio cue – 7.78 kilometers … today, I was filled with anticipation (and giddiness, lol) as I neared my marker, listening intently for it in my earbuds … 7.83 kilometers …170 meters more, 24 hours later – a new 8K PR … HOLLA Y’ALL!! :mrgreen:

13 seconds faster. Sweet!


final 4K – 17:42. Sick!


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hey folks it’s on me Shakespeare for everyone ok!

… great Rodney movie, and check out a young Sherlock/Iron Man …

… ah you too honey, ooh I’d like to tame your shrew …


what a difference a day makes

… and a couple years!! Back then I’d stack myself up against any other snow shoveler … wished it was Olympic event I was that good … very quick and efficient, working at a brisk walking pace, even running at times. Was a time I’d gladly go out 3 times a day during winter storms keeping our driveway cleared, AND do the neighbour’s as well when they were away to boot. Now, hope I never see the stuff, lol. Guessing we got a good 10 cm … was heavy and dense which didn’t help … all I know is my lungs are burning and I’m winded. In my best Danny Glover/Roger Murtaugh Lethal Weapon impersonation … I’m too old for this shit!!

winterland view from the foot of my driveway


… and looking the other way


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… a couple of quickie pics of our ecologically friendly, and year after year wallet friendly faux christmas tree Tiffany K decorated … I did help btw, but won’t bore y’all with my beautiful & brilliant contributions, other than a brief quote, “they were minimal” … and that’s not me saying that shit, it’s Tiff, lol!!

view from the right …


and from the left …


… my badass dog had fun ’bout twentytimesadaytuggingatthetreeskirt … God, I MISS that!!

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… LOL, funny movie … sophomoric shit … shows ya ma juvenile taste. And Yes, laughed my ass off at Porky’s way back when too. You could see the comedic talent in Jonah Hill … and Jules is played by Emma Stone. This clip cracks me up, never get tired of Seth’s scene stealing line  … ALMOST made it my post title … 😆

the funny thing about my back is, is that it’s located on my cock