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a HUGE pain in the ass!!

I only learnt about this by googling my girl Natalie Morales running The Boston Marathon. Apparently, she was diagnosed w/ proximal hamstring injury – proximal hamstring tear – high hamstring tendinitis … (different names for it) causing her great pain/discomfort. I did some reading on the subject, and it’s definitely a runner’s infliction (ooh, the crosses we bear, lol) … and I HAVE IT!! Well, I have similar symptoms, I can’t sit for prolonged periods without feeling excruciating pain in my rear! And, this all started when I resumed running this year, so putting 2+2 together, I assume it’s related. I haven’t been diagnosed yet by a doctor (yeah yeah … am going, lol), but I’m hoping *fingers crossed*, what I have is something not as serious and will eventually self-heal w/ time. Funny thing is, that I really don’t notice it much in terms of pain when I run – maybe 5% if I had to quantify it, But man, when I’m sitting on my ass, it’s def 100%, and soon as I get a chance, need to get up and walk around for relief!! Maybe should read: Butt man, lol!