I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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down is not where i belong

this aching heart won’t turn to stone
there’s a fire inside these bones
it was meant to be
i see your world’s still full of light
how could i ever been so blind
i still haven’t lost my fight
it haunts me in my sleep

i know only time would tell
if all the cards will treat me well
cause this hand that i’ve been dealt
keeps me wondering
so now here i turn the page
i’ve learned to silence all my rage
tell me who can really say
what will tomorrow bring

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fourteen seconds till sunrise

tired, wiser for the time

on a good day, I know it ain’t every day
we can part the sea
and on a bad day, I know it ain’t every day
glory beyond our reach

no time left now for shame
horizon behind me, no more pain

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schmoozing & networking!

boy, sure felt good good grabbing the bull by the horns and by the balls, flailing that bitch called life around and around today. fuck you, fuck everyone purporting to be trulyondans side as well. i see my side, i see clearly, but i don’t see you. i only see me!

everyone’s a cunt in this life no one’s there for me!