I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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take me to the place i love

take me all the way

i don’t ever want to feel
like I did that day
take me to the place i love
take me all the way
i don’t ever want to feel
like i did that day
take me to the place i love
take me all the way (yeah yeah)
ooh no (no no yeah yeah)
love me i say yeah yeah

one time



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Fuck it all I came from nothing

I’m something from nothing
You are my fuse
I’m something from nothing
You are my fuse
It goes oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
It goes oh oh oh
All rise!

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to be yourself is all that you can do

someone finds salvation in everyone
and another only pain
someone tries to hide himself
down inside himself he prays
someone swears his true love
until the end of time
Another runs away
separate or united
healthy or insane

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down is not where i belong

this aching heart won’t turn to stone
there’s a fire inside these bones
it was meant to be
i see your world’s still full of light
how could i ever been so blind
i still haven’t lost my fight
it haunts me in my sleep

i know only time would tell
if all the cards will treat me well
cause this hand that i’ve been dealt
keeps me wondering
so now here i turn the page
i’ve learned to silence all my rage
tell me who can really say
what will tomorrow bring


Friday Morning 10K

I said I was going to do it, and I did. I think that’s what kept me motivated to complete it … saying I was going to do it to inspire/motivate … yet, I was the beneficiary, lol. And, I’m pleased w/ my time – 47:06 … 2 minutes short a PR. Although, I had another nagging issue trying to get my watch to stop, then reset (you can see by the extra two laps; 11 & 12). Those little things bother the fuck outta me, it coulda been disastrous with the clock ticking away, as I’m finished the distance, trying to get it to stop. And if you add time (the 10 laps), it comes to 46:58, not to mention my moving time (whatever the hell that is) of 47:01 – I know, it’s only slight differences, but I’m anal that way, and I only want the clock to measure it accurately giving me the time I deserve! Anyways, still chuffed – my 10K!

Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 8.47.41 AM

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1 hour – 12.52K

… my first one hour run for distance! Have been meaning to attempt this, giving myself something new/different to strive for. As you may know, I’m an 8K a day guy, and I do occasionally stretch out to 10K … and I have completed one 12K. I extrapolated, did the math, and knew (know) that on a good day, I’d be able to span 13K in one hour. And, on a so-so, average day would be close, but no cigar! Today was that kinda day. I started running with the one hour goal in mind, no matter my time. Unfortunately around 6 kilometers, I was ready to bail, I dunno – really wasn’t feeling strong, and was tightening up. But, I drew inspiration from this runner’s blog (I’m in awe of her – her ability, her knowledge, her training methods) I stumbled on … actually, have been perusing running blogs … and the majority of them, I have to give my head a shake reading them … now, while I don’t dare say anything on your blogs, on mine, I’ll simply say this … your attempts/efforts are terribly misguided … ’nuff said. And this from a person who only took up running three months ago, lol. So, here I am ready to pack in my attempt, but I remembered her words from earlier this morning … and I didn’t quit! I told myself – push hard for the next kilometer, and see what happens … so I did … and surprise, surprise I continued pushing hard for the remaining 25 minutes completing the hour run. Considering everything, I’m extremely pleased … and proud! :mrgreen:

twelve and a half kilometers …