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kale ‘n garlic

… along with rapini … my favourite greens, hands down! Very healthy, and easy to prepare/make too. I grab the bunch, and chop off the bottom (thicker) stalks/stems … wash and rinse 3-4 times quickly, shaking off excess water, yet leaving it wet … heat up my pot, add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and throw in the kale. You can immediately hear it crackle as the cool, watery leaves interact with the hot oil … season liberally with salt, black pepper and put a lid on it. A few minutes later when it’s wilted somewhat, I add the slivered garlic (I find they’ll burn if I add them along with the kale), allowing them to get golden, by that time it’s all done. All that remains is the plating, and tossing on a few chili flakes too. Enjoy!!