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sausages & chickpeas!

This is another one of my famous throw everything in the pot¬†and hope for the best type of creations!! I bought sausages (hot Italian), and used whatever else I had in the house. I’ve been on a chickpeas roll of late, incorporating them in many meals I’ve been making … talk about awesome and healthy!! I grilled the sausages, then combined them w/ saut√©ed sweet onions, red peppers and kale. After a few minutes of¬†sizzling ‘n flippin’¬†on high heat, I deglazed w/ white wine, added a bit of chicken broth, tossing in the chick peas, and bringing everthing to a simmer before placing in the oven to finish! Served w/ the obligatory/proverbial Italian crusty peasant loaf to sop up all the goodness, the best cheese you have in the icebox, a glass (or bottle, lol) of red vino, the lights dimmed creating the perfect ambience, Sting, or maybe¬†Annie Lennox,¬†playing softly in the background setting the mood… and yep, dansyermothereffinguncle

mungia mungia!¬†farmer style mungia mungia …



yum, yum, and YUMMO


my stingy/meager portion (another blog post/lesson – another time) …


leftovers w/ fried & caramelized onions! leftovers are ALWAYS better …


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Brunch @ Farmhouse Tavern

… + CNE Air Show … well, snippets while driving/walking, lol! Yep, def Labour Daze

Beer …


Tiff’s Kale Benny …


My burger – topped w/ duck egg …


OMFG – SOOO gooood ….


More beer …


Oh, & don’t forget about F*CKmondays! …


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Perfect Day In Paradise!!

God we’ve been blessed with the best temps lately … lows of 10¬į and highs of 20¬į … ideal for sleeping, yet not hot during the day … and today was a not-a-cloud-in-the-sky-clear-blue-sky-day … I love it!!

Ok, this blogpost is one of those all over the fucking place posts … fair warning!

I had a lot of shit on my plate today … good shit though … I went and got a physical today, first time I’ve had a physical in I don’t know how long I’ve had a physical, lol … weighed in at 73kg – 160lb … I don’t think I’ve been that weight since I was a teen-ager … and how excited do you think I was ready to spill the beans, divulging to the Doc ’bout my 8K mornings … no way I was gonna refrain from telling him that, lol … and yeah, the good doctor was impressed, and by my weight … the changes in my life – will get to that, be patient (pun, lol) as well!

Oh, and this early morning’s 6:30 run turned into a 10K’er … and I responded with a PR of 48 minutes – one full minute faster than before …



I’m proud that I was under 5 minutes on every single kilometer split … in fact, I was very, very consistent throughout – my slowest (KM 9) was only 10 seconds off pace … I think I was reserving energy while waiting for the 45 minute audio cue, leaving something in the tank for the final surge … OH, and also (forgot to mention) … I’ve been going out nightly with Tiff for her 5.3 km walks … and lemme tell y’all they ain’t exactly easy, they take a toll on my body as well. Lately, I’ve been a 12 hour run/walk cycle … like clockwork!

And all these changes I mentioned; flaxseed, hemp seed, edamame, Greek yogurt, Rainbow Trout (not new, but more of it), organic pre-washed baby kale (and spinach) … I know I’m missing many … the point is I’m eating/living better! Since we got the Vitamix, we’ve both been doing incredibly better – in fact for one week straight, we were using it four times daily (Tiff with her Harley¬†body reset diet, and me with my own thing) … even now, it’s two or three times a day, and right now, it’s been only for smoothies, healthy smoothies … but still, we’re def getting our money’s worth!

Things are going great lately with all of this, the running (and walking), the healthier diet … I’m just chuffed as fuck with it all … today was a perfect day in my paradise, and I thought I’d share!!

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kale ‘n garlic

… along with rapini … my favourite greens, hands down! Very healthy, and easy to prepare/make too. I grab the bunch, and chop off the bottom (thicker) stalks/stems … wash and rinse 3-4 times quickly, shaking off excess water, yet leaving it wet … heat up my pot, add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and throw in the kale. You can immediately hear it crackle as the cool, watery leaves interact with the hot oil … season liberally with salt, black pepper and put a lid on it. A few minutes later when it’s wilted somewhat, I add the slivered garlic (I find they’ll burn if I add them along with the kale), allowing them to get golden, by that time it’s all done. All that remains is the plating, and tossing on a few chili flakes too. Enjoy!!


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kale and sausage soup

Portuguese sausage – Lingui√ßa …¬†to be more precise – this ain’t no run o’ the mill¬†Italian sausage (which are great btw) that I’m accustomed to. Once you bite into these, you’ll never forget its distinctiveness. I often see my good friend John with take-out styrofoam containers (so often – I bust his balls ’cause of it, lol), with soup (everyday they offer something different, not that I have to tell you – but just to make it perfectly clear – I AM, lol) from this place (I’ve never been, although I’ve been to many, many Portuguese bakeries) – Courense Bakery¬†on Bloor … and ALWAYS raving about how great it is … and he swears by its health benefits (and he was right, felt stuffed all day afterwards). Today, because of circumstances – and because I was hungry as a motherfucking horse at the time, John and I ventured for a sit down soup brunch – got there at 10:45. John said this was the optimum time, come on noon’s other side and you’re taking a big risk … chances are you’ll be shit out of luck and a sorry sold out soup sob story is what you’ll be hearing … and then, you wouldn’t even be able to cry in it, LOL!! When we entered, the young woman working behind the counter asks me if I like kale and sausage? Uh, HELLS YEAH, lol!! And I know I’m not a soup guy, but after today’s experience, promise to try being¬†MORE of a soup guy …

my bowl and bun (LOVE Portuguese breads) …

look at that creaminess – and all the sausage …

street view …

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kale ‘n corn

Red kale to boot. Must admit my ignorance, wasn’t aware its existence … but must admit my excitement too spying it while foraying in my Fortinos!! And I don’t know where you’re from, or the prices you pay for corn – but where I’m from … a buck ninety nine per ten is a pretty good deal, and seeing all those shuckers having at ‘er draws you in to do the same, so I snagged ‘n bagged my ten too!! Shit, this blog should be titled food, and tons of it, lol … ’cause there WAS¬†a whole-mother-lot … but will refrain, will remain focused!! Peaches & Cream corn really rocks, be sure not to overcook it though, you want that bit of crunch … chomping, twirling yer cob. Purchased this paprika months ago promising a goulash attempt …sadly never did, well, not yet (and in my defense, my promise had NO time constraints, lol). Folks …¬†THIS paprika is the real-motherHungarian-deal … admittedly¬†sourcing it was a mission¬†… literally jumped through internet hoops trying to, but I did. Digressing again – forgive me. I remember once having corn on the cob with smoked paprika, twas boy wonder’s outta the blue light bulb inspiration (kid’s got a shitload of smarts, so proud) … and it was good, VERY good, just a bit too smoky as the name implies. Knowing this was in my cupboard said, “let’s tweak that ingenuity” … ok, another digression … y’all shoulda seen me (or not, lol) trying to yank/separate the lid from the tin … pretty sure you can guess what happened next … my ivory tiles quickly turned crimson, victims of my torquing!! Tiffany K scurried (ok, NOT scurried … ummm?, scampered, lol) to get the Dyson (OK OK so we don’t actually¬†OWN a Dyson, just like saying Dyson instead of vacuum, sounds so much more elitist, and I’m probably … ok, not probably … DEFINITELY jealous of those who do,lol) switching power to ON, sucking away as she pleased. Yep, mess disappeared. Here’s some pics, just the deuce – kale and corn (plus paprika), enjoy y’all!!

Beautiful head:

… tossed ‘n washed:

… butter dolloped/chili flaked … plated:

My aforementioned troublesome Hungarian:

Corned once:

… and twice:

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grilled kale

… just a few pics, fresh Ontario grown kale (on sale of course, lol)!! Something completely new (who knew?!) … looks AWESOME, can’t wait to try it … but RIGHT NOW have more Weber wood grilling to do before I can dig in ¬†… we’re real time blogging here folks, lol!! Sweet onions, slivered garlic … copious sea salt/freshly ground pepper then sprinkled with chili flakes … sorry, gotta go y’all … roasted creminis, NY strips, and grilled garlic focaccia awaits …

The closeup … YEP, looks YUM:

The obligatory overhead view:

The beauty shot: