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Rainbow Trout gone Greek!

… love, LOVE this one! May be my all time fave!

Usually use Wild Pacific Salmon, but today Rainbow trout was on sale… and truth be told, I prefer it to salmon.

My fist true Weber bbq of the season too. Grilled ’em Greek style, served whole. Greek trout burgers y’all!

Slathered w/ tzatziki, a shiteload of Dodonis feta, and heirloom tomatoes!

… sea salt wedges as a kicker! Nice!

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round ‘n round we go!

Is how I’ve been… my brain frantically figuring out food for today! Thought I had it all set in stone last night too… Zin Zen was the plan, and don’t get me started on that one, woulda been the day of all days… the eats of all eats… the best $0.99 I ever spent! YES… 99¢ folks … y’all have no idea (OK, Caymus is a clue for sleuths in ya)!! But, Mother Nature stepped in (bitch… cunt, lol), and ultimately, ultra high humidity nixed it, nipped it in the bud! As a result, today dansplans kept changing, OVER AND OVER… at least dozen times! And, after much bustin’ brain against the wall (ok, pillow, lol), here is were we stand!

Fresh ground, hand formed burger, cremini ‘shrooms, heirloom tomato, swiss emmentaler, special sauce, on a buttered and grilled kaiser bun!

Verdict? Umm?!















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Greek Dinner!!

Grilled chicken breast souvlaki w/ grilled sweet potatoes, onions & red peppers. Heirloom beefsteak tomato salad w/ English cucumber, Greek feta, freshly picked oregano and hand torn, generously drizzled w/ Acropolis Organic olive oil … w/ copious dollops of tzatziki!! Opa!!



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… or monster-sized … it’s a pick’em, lol!! Made these huge-ass spicy flavoured chicken breast (from M&M) sandwiches again … Crustini Buns from D’Italiano, loaded with shredded iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced sweet onions, thick sliced heirloom tomatoes (sorry, hidden in all the goodness, lol), a splash of 1/2 the fat mayo, and the silky smooth meltingly shimmering aforementioned Muenster … I LOVE LOVE this … and the beauty, all in – it’s 800 cals for the twins … looks like they LOVE LOVE me back, lol!!

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Best Olive Oil – Bar None!!

Listen folks, been doing this a long LONG time … tried ’em all … specialty shops included, all devoted to this never-ending passion many of us consume ourselves with … looking for, wanting to find/try the world’s best olive oil … the elusive Holy Grail as it were.  And admittedly, it is exciting … searching/sourcing/sampling many MANY brands/styles/country’s versions … and many reputed claims as being said best. I’m here to tell you to stop searching – look no further, Acropolis Organics wins hands down. I’ve blogged previously my affection for it, just reiterating my thoughts/findings. Especially love lavishly drizzling it over sliced heirloom tomatoes, and fresh basil from my garden (randomly scattered overtop, all arranged beautifully on the biggest platter I own), seasoned with Maldon flakes and a bit of very finely freshly ground pepper … sopping up all the tomato/olive oil goodness with crusty Italian (or French) bread while laughing/drinking/sharing stories/enjoying life/eating communally … family style. Check out today’s haul y’all – 3 bottles full, yes sir yes sir … and a highly anticipated salivating tasting of their Mousto Balsamic Vinegar …

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enjoying the bounty

… from yesterday’s Junction Farmers Market venture (… and today’s Highland Farms trip)!! Love, LOVE serving/eating food this way … family style … whenever possible. Doesn’t matter if it’s only Tiffany K and I or the whole gang … nothing beats plating the food (and drink, lol … and allowing everyone to enjoy each other’s company), letting people serve themselves at their own pace, everyone relaxed and not rushing – eating a bit at time, invariably going back for more, and more … and more, lol. Sitting/standing … eating/drinking … talking/laughing ( … AND with music playing in the background, at the perfect volume of course – only takes a second of deathly silence to suck the life outta ANY party, lol) … such a fun, festive, social setting don’t ya think?!

Heirlooms, burrata/bocconcini, Acropolis, Maldon & Dark Opal basil …

Pyramid’s succulent sauerkraut heaped on razor thin sliced Ace’s bread …

… btw y’all, shit IS the bomb … fareal!!

Carrafa crushed olives …


Pyramid Farm and Ferments

… been reading about this place lately …specifically lacto-fermentation and its benefits. I’ve been changing my habits recently trying to incorporate healthier living alternatives … it’s not like I adhere to any one’s principals or beliefs, and you can’t go wrong with good quality foods, this I know. Wanted to go the Junction Farmers Market last week, but spent the day strolling up and down the Danforth feasting on food on sticks ‘nstead, lol!! Couldn’t have picked a better day … picked up a few other things from various vendors (peaches, spelt cookies – sorry, no pics) as well, but really went for Pyramid’s raw sauerkraut – no vinegar, no sugar, no traditional canning … live and cultured food.

Come early, stuff sells fast …

Very small and quaint, maybe 15 vendors …

My new friend Alex at his stand …

Kimchi, and Sauerruben along with the Spring Sauerkraut … Pesto too …

And I snagged this basket of heirlooms (Alex mentioned they have over 50 varieties) …

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chicken ‘n mortadella

Still working on (stretching and stretching AND modifying/reinventing) my grilled chicken breast from the weekend … yep, leftovers again. Quick in and out at my Highland Farms and I was good to go. Initially wanted bacon along with my chicken … but I’ve done that a gazillion times, and seeing mortadella on sale for $2.99/lb suddenly began thinking economically as well as inspirationally … and you know what? It worked! I’ve never seen this combo before, and a little part of me would like to think I invented the damn thing. Picked up some Portuguese rolls, creamy havarti, heirloom tomatoes, sweet onions, and Mrs. Whyte’s kosher pickles. Using my heavy duty (really … I mean HEAVY) Molto Mario grill pan, I panini pressed these beauties!!

These are THE best (take my word, they’re very good) …

The lid looks like it’s floating – sandwiches were SO thick …

And voilà … plated …