I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


and that’s where it was, in all its glory, my thousand quid

he had to unscrew about fifteen screws
before he could pull the panel off the back
to get in the fecking thing


“because you’re such a nice guy” – Tony

LCBO employee. I do have the niceguyknackgene, and I really appreciate his kind words as he lead me into the stock room (employees only permitted area btw), and grabbed this limited edition Guinness glass, slapping ‘n sticking it to my HarpHappy St. Paddy’s Day danistrulytheman!! :mrgreen:

sorry for the blurriness, my bad …


Irish as the day is long …


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“the human face Watson is like the penis” – Sherlock Holmes

… offering his wisdom and teachings to his protégé Joan … and encouragement with this gem, “it’s a case with training wheels” … LOL!! Oh, and I do love the new sultry consulting detective. 😀