I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


THICK-ASS lasagna!

… last of the leftovers!

and, on the seventh day, god created the last slice of lasagna pie!

yep, a whole week’s worth of good eats, y’all!

look at all those luscious layers… lost track after nine! shaved reggiano for the finish!

… yep, good eats! hoegaarden too!




Olympic Gold Medal Chili Linguine!

… this shite is the whole nine yards! danstrulyhomemadechili w/egg noodle linguine (perfectly al dente), 3 cheeses, heavy sour cream, w/ a splash of the world’s best hot sauce!

… ice cold beer; local Canadian beer too! WIN WIN… WIN!!






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round ‘n round we go!

Is how I’ve been… my brain frantically figuring out food for today! Thought I had it all set in stone last night too… Zin Zen was the plan, and don’t get me started on that one, woulda been the day of all days… the eats of all eats… the best $0.99 I ever spent! YES… 99¢ folks … y’all have no idea (OK, Caymus is a clue for sleuths in ya)!! But, Mother Nature stepped in (bitch… cunt, lol), and ultimately, ultra high humidity nixed it, nipped it in the bud! As a result, today dansplans kept changing, OVER AND OVER… at least dozen times! And, after much bustin’ brain against the wall (ok, pillow, lol), here is were we stand!

Fresh ground, hand formed burger, cremini ‘shrooms, heirloom tomato, swiss emmentaler, special sauce, on a buttered and grilled kaiser bun!

Verdict? Umm?!















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yum eats!

organic spring mix, best tomatoes EVER (from Holland), Vidalia onion, pumpkin seeds, and that’s just the salad!

best buns (Toscana), my bomber sauce, creminis (50% off), Jarlsberg, Angus Beef (seasoned w/ s&p, and Barberians)!

all served w/ my beloved Creemore!

… the feck ’bout this shite ain’t yum, lol?!?!






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Thanks for the Swag, Steph!!

WOW!! How’s that for love? I have been a long-time loyal customer, but I really wasn’t expecting THAT, hell I wasn’t expecting anything! Two brand new logo (shape, too) premium lager glasses (which I was coveting), PLUS a voucher for an 8-pack… a $21.95 value itself! And, love the handwritten letter, such a personal touch! Thanks, Steph… and thanks folks at Creemore… best beer, and def best people behind the beer!! Cheers!!

IMG_7816 (2)





diggin’ the sam can!

… and the Sam Adams Boston Lager of course! Check out the frothy head! Filthy good y’all!! So much went into the development of this can – google it, see for yourself. Was very curious if we Canucks would luck out w/ the Sam can too? I mean, it was developed for the US market w/ your piddly 12 fl oz cans … wasn’t sure if the Boston Beer Company Sam-can-slammed us as well w/ our upsized 473 ml cans? Yep, check the lip … they did!   I gots me a new friend, and his her name is Sam!


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my slim blogging window!

… WP iPhone blogging is a pain in the ass, as evidenced by my previous post. So frustrating – ya REALLY think I wanted repeating pics, lol? Whatevs, can’t be bothered to fix it now that I’m home either … fuck it! Only back home for a day and a half too – felt incredible sleeping in my bed, showering in my shower (as I start this post, in 23 hours I’ll be gone again), but, thankfully already accomplished so much. And, am blogging for blogging’s sake really … touching base, sayin’ the proverbial ‘hi’ to everyone! Even went for a run. In my new life, although I’m outdoors, I’m not aerobic AT ALL (as a positive I drink at least 2 liters of water daily, and NO beer – is that a positive, or a negative … hmmm?) … so my plan before I pounded the pavement was simply to finish, lol! I had great(er) expectations (really wanted to run 8K) … but 4K will suffice. Actually, I’m very pleased. I’ll tell you why; The whole time I never felt overwhelmed, I never felt distressed … sure, I was concerned with my distance limitations, but I never felt like the pace was killing me. It wasn’t. And, for what it’s worth, coulda stretched it out another kilometer. Oh, and on the way back home, walked/jogged without any pressure. OMG, what a pleasure it was too, not being under Garmin’s watchful eye, lol … just took it easy, enjoying the temp, the sunshine. Anyways, I feel, I’m starting to ramble – really could gone on talking shit, lol … but gonna quit now till next time. Perfect time to fire up the charcoal, grill some burgers … and finally enjoy a brew (or two, lol)! Cheers y’all!!

considering not being able to train … chuffed as fuck!

Screen shot 2014-06-21 at 4.16.20 PM

… the post run, outta the shower selfie. shave mofo, lol!


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roofing it!

Spent the better part of yesterday installing this HD antenna. The job complete, feeling a tremendous sense of accomplishment … perfect time for a roofgoof pose … and a beer, of course! Pic was taken using a Nokia Lumina 1020, and its mega 41-megapixel sensor w/ 6 Carl Zeiss lenses! Love it!


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Love My Miller Time!!

… and no, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout beer (well, not necessarily, lol). I haven’t imbibed in the High Life for SOOOOO long, I couldn’t even begin telling you when last I did (I can’t count that high, lol)! But, I do love my Miller family, despite seldom gettin’ chances to see ’em!!

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Better Beer for a Better Life

Nothin’ like beer for a life-pick-me-up! Least something good happened today! Heard many positive things ’bout Indie Alehouse Brewing Co. and though I’m often in The Junction … I’ve never been. With today’s circumstances conspiring against me, was no way was gonna add to that dubious streak of missing out on great suds! Being the artful-parking-dodger that I am, lucked out TWICE w/the same city servant dispensing tickets like nobody’s business. “Why don’t you just pay?” she asked all upset-like, as if the money not being collected was hers, lol … before moving along looking for her next ticket tally, and more importantly … luckily letting me off scot-free w/my scofflawing ways, lol! A few pics, y’all!

Beer To Go!


Choices. Hmmm?


Me & My Growler!


Wit’ner Toque!


One Day Old Beer!


If only life was so easy, so simple? We can only hope!


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Burger joint with a gazillion burgers! Gourmet burgers too! Makes your head spin trying to pick that perfect one, so many mouthwatering choices. I know I’ve been lazy lately w/ pics, and w/ food blogging. Not that I haven’t been going to lotsa fun places, I have … just been lazy w/ the pics & bloggin’ ’bout it! And to prove my laziness, this was two week-ends ago, on The Danforth – 888 Danforth – love that lucky number!!

Leaside Burger – upgraded … lean ground Elk …


a side of fries and the obligatory gravy …


Sam Adams AND the Sam Adams glass too – nice touch …


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if I want to sit in and drink Super Tennent’s in the day I will, no one’s going to fucking tell me jack!

but can you rely on anyone in this world
no you can’t it’s not my fault there’s wall to wall empty cans
everyone wanted this to all go wrong for me from the start
it’s fucked up that a man’s life can just be attacked
watching this morning with a beer is much better than relying on
unknown cunts for mates I was given that don’t have my back

so here I am in my house drinking on my own settee
everyone’s a cunt in this life no one’s there for me

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“we’re going to hit it hard” – Dr. Harry

… the infection, the bacteria … I’m hopped-up on some serious hard core shit! Which now means, I have even more unpleasant side-effects to deal with. And no, it’s not the discolouration of my urine and feces that I’m talking about, it’s the strict adherence to ten straight days of not allowing any beer entering my system that I find most worrisome and disconcerting. Very unpleasant, indeed!! 😥

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Run Like A Kenyan, Drink Like A German!

Running & Beer Drinking! Is there anything better? God, I love you both, lol!

This may be the single best run I’ve had since I boarded TheRunningTrain. Sure, I PRed, but it was much more than that. I felt very strong throughout, even when I finished … normally I feel so winded, completely spent. Not today! I ran the first 5K in 22:57, I brought home the final 5K in 22:14! Are you f’ing kidding me? To put that in perspective; my 5K PR is 22:02. Honestly, I know having my RunKeeper set providing audio cues every minute helped. During that second half, I was determined to keep my pace at 220m per call … and I did. In fact, often covering 230m, even 240m occasionally … and anytime/every time I achieved those distances … I dug deeper, giving it all I had for the following minute, feeding off the accomplishment of my previous minute … you know what I mean? Yep, def has to be my greatest effort to date! Now … where’s my beer?!

10K – 45:12 …


Fast 5K – Faster 5K …


There you are. Well hello, good looking …


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Brunch @ Farmhouse Tavern

… + CNE Air Show … well, snippets while driving/walking, lol! Yep, def Labour Daze

Beer …


Tiff’s Kale Benny …


My burger – topped w/ duck egg …


OMFG – SOOO gooood ….


More beer …


Oh, & don’t forget about F*CKmondays! …