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chuffed w/ my chucks!

… chuffed as fuck! I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am. Can’t believe these two deals I got from john varvatos either, it’s as if he’s giving them away (+ free shipping too folks)! Saw my postman stopping his truck, and approaching from my kitchen window to deliver these bad boys, couldn’t contain my giddiness … ran out to greet him. I love my other pair, this one WAY more. It’s a true-fit 10 1/2 … my perfect Con All Star size. Love the black, distressed resin, and the gold eyelets … fucking awesome!



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King of Win!!

Someone watches over me, I have clydesdale sized horseshoes up my ass, or I am extremely on the ball? Maybe, it’s my life trifecta? This morning went to check stuff out at johnvarvatos … and what did I see? My recently purchased Converse X kicks on sale. A quick email, followed by an even quicker phone call … and Bob’s your price adjustment uncle. They happily credited my AMEX the difference since it was within the 14 day company policy time allowance for said adjustments. Still not sure the exact refund amount, but I’m guessing it’s $60+ … I loved them before when I initially bought & got ’em … I love them even more now! Next, about an hour later began working on finalizing a purchase I had on my mind for a few days. I won’t lie, my first thoughts at the time were too excessive, too expensive … but now, for whatever reason, Banana Republic popped to mind. Went online to see what their site had to offer. Not only was I able to peruse items, I was able to check availability at my nearby store (updated every 20 minutes) which is what I wanted, nothing worse than wasted trips to the mall. While deciding on the exact item I wanted, I did happen to catch that 40% discount offer (today & tomorrow/online purchases only) prominently displayed. Why go to the mall and spend $125, when I can sit on my fat ass and order from my computer (along with a cool personalized message at no charge – I LOVE that shit, lol) for $75? Exactly? So that’s what I did, and in all likelihood, will be returning it for a refund at the store, but at least now I have it, and at a sweet deal, really it just provides greater flexibility, whatever I decide. The way I look at it, the money back from JV covers the BR purchase. Win Win … King!!

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yay, NYC again!!

… remember my second-to-last-indulgence I mentioned? prolly not, eh, lol? well, finally arrived! it’s from john varvatos … and, no my local store had/has absolutely none in stock, so ordering online was the only mofo option. I gave poor Mijon waaaaay too much grief ’cause of my troubles, but I did send a private email kinda saying so, dude was only doing his job, wasn’t his fault JV website was fucked to shit. finally free shipping was up and running (free returns too, no questions asked – I know, lol). all’s well that ends well!







hey now, I’m an all*star … and all that glitters is gold


Vitamix … it’s here!!

WOW, that was fast!! Ordered the fecking thing Sunday (bought it from an online shopping site), and Thursday afternoon am gushing like a proud papa. Ok, this is a quickie post, with a few pics (tryin’ to hurry … my excitement is gettin’ the better of me, lol). After posting, I first need to read all the info, really make sure I know the Vitamix front to back, don’t wanna fuck anything up. Plus, have tons of shopping still to do … and I know I’ll never Aspire (get it, lol?) to become a professional Vitamix blogger … but don’t be surprised if I occasionally show y’all my amateurish side! 😀

Shipped box is top notch, ya know what’s inside reeks of QUALITY


Speaking of inside … a peek


Wet container – NICE


AND Dry container – BONUS!!


Thrilled to death with the white