I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Max, you’re the motherfucking best!!

Hands down! Absolutely! Without a doubt!

… wasn’t even your headache, yet you kindly & generously stepped up! You can’t possibly imagine what that means to me. Maybe you can, maybe that’s why you do what you do, you are who you are! And, btw, if there’s a better looking, better dressed man your age … I haven’t seen him! Damn dude, got it goin’ on!!

… on a similar topic, kinda related. Why didn’t anyone bother to tell me ABS cement mixed w/ skin is bad, very bad? Like, crazier than crazy glue … some kinda motherfucking mentalĀ stick-to-yer-skin-shit! Live and renovating-learn … live and learn!!