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one hour run and gun!

I did this once before. Never attempted it again because it was too close to my 12K runs. Figured, if I wanna set a PR, it’d be for that distance. But, knowing I ain’t setting any PRs these days, got into a comfortable cruise control rhythm after 4K (actually sped up for the next 4K), and kept running. Now was about duration – 20+ minutes to go. Final 4K ended as I began. Was a great run! Oh, btw … my other timed hour run – I covered 12.52K. Yep, I bettered it, another PR, lol?!

My fave. The paved path! A man & his best friend … ain’t nuthin’ better!!


Even Steven splits! Again!


12.6K – 1000 cals gonzo! Woohoo!