I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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why clutter-fuck a clean space?

You don’t, makes no sense!! Reno 101 for chrissakes … and I don’t need no fancy-schmancy Cityline interior designer telling me different, ’cause I won’t believe HER!!

… must be the minimalist in me!!

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… FINALLY!! Paint painted, powder room pedestal sink sunk (try saying that fast five times peter piper, lol) – Tiff K’s gorgeous choice … girl’s got a beauty-colour eye! Hey, in my defense, woulda been done way sooner had I not devoted myself to a more important, time-consuming reno job I was helping out with. Sacrifice is important – don’t forget it … and ya can even quote me, lol!


… what? another 4:20 post? I swear, it’s not on purpose y’all, lol!

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Max, you’re the motherfucking best!!

Hands down! Absolutely! Without a doubt!

… wasn’t even your headache, yet you kindly & generously stepped up! You can’t possibly imagine what that means to me. Maybe you can, maybe that’s why you do what you do, you are who you are! And, btw, if there’s a better looking, better dressed man your age … I haven’t seen him! Damn dude, got it goin’ on!!

… on a similar topic, kinda related. Why didn’t anyone bother to tell me ABS cement mixed w/ skin is bad, very bad? Like, crazier than crazy glue … some kinda motherfucking mental stick-to-yer-skin-shit! Live and renovating-learn … live and learn!!

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roof rack & rope!

… who’d have thunk it? Problem solved. Money saved. Was no way I was doling out delivery fee dinero for a bathtub. I’m already getting soaked enough as it is – trust me!

… oh, and that Lowe’s sign in the background, while purely unintentional, is truly fitting … I LOVE Lowe’s!


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“too bad, coulda saved you a lot of money” – bike riding renovator

… LOL!! I ain’t kidding either!! I heard about the guy, and today I witnessed it first hand. Apparently he hangs around the neighbourhood trying to drum up business. A renovator (read scam artist, lol), without a vehicle, without tools, definitely without any license. As we were leaving walking towards the car, he rode past, blurting something out about ‘not hearing from you’, before turning his head and delivering this gem as he continued pedalling, LOL!!