I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Ok, I’ll take…

Imagine thoroughbreds from different generations racing one another? Holy shit, that would be the fecking best! I’m taking 10! And, while, I’m not choosing the proverbial picks either, I’d stack these against ANYBODY’S 10 all day long! Not in any particular order, just danistrulytheman’s 10 versus yers! Riders Up!

Easy Goer

Holy Bull


Spectacular Bid

Tom Fool



Go For Wand



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I Love Lexie Lou!!

Am I the only one who can’t wait for her 2015 campaign? Incessant CaliChrome chatter only adds fuel to my fire. As a longtime (former) railbird, mark my words, barring injuries/setbacks; next year, she’s def the horse to watch. Greatness awaits … you go girl!


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Rothman’s International Collector Coasters!

From 1992. Tiff just dug these up, didn’t even know I had them, they existed. Were never used, and like new as you can see. Great condition, eh? Sure brings back memories. Witnessed Infamy and Sky Classic in the horseflesh. Sky Classic was one of my favourite horses of all time. I know I still have Racing Forms from back then … ain’t never parting with them. As a side note: today’s the Woodbine MileWise Dan is the heavy favourite. Dan is wise too! 😉






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takin’ the Freddie Head filly

… and THIS is the race of the week-end, NOT the Classic – don’t let anyone tell ya different. After great deliberation, opted for her, her better odds, her freshness. Just gut-feel the past 2 weeks has taken a toll on my orignal (lower priced too) pick Excelebration … thinkin’ he might bounce, not cozy up to Santa Anita’s rock hard aspalt- like turf course. Superstitious signs lead to the Freddie and the French filly … first the double with Miesque, then the triple with Goldikova, and now maybe another with Moonlight Cloud?! Damn Freddie, you’re a master of the distaff. Go girl go!!

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Frankel Finale!!

October 20, 2012 … last time this champion will grace a racecourse … fitting it occurs on Champions Day at Ascot, and with the Queen in attendance. Some have hailed him the greatest of all time, and while it’s impossible to compare horses from different generations – it doesn’t stop us railbirds from trying. And being a bit of a pundit, am posting a tad prematurely …  Farewell Frankel – fourteen for fourteen!!

Frankel’s recent work – galloping at Newmarket racecourse …

Frankel’s race history (minus today’s – my apologies) …


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I’ll Have Another

… and I’m not talking ’bout my beloved beer (doesn’t that go without saying, lol?), I’m talking horses here and about the outta left field news regarding the next big star (potentially) being scratched (AND retired) from tomorrow’s Belmont Stakes … and his bid for The Triple Crown, ending a 34 year drought. Heard a feel good news story prior to this sad subsequent one … over 100,000 people were expected to attend and hopefully witness history. Not now. What a blow to the horse racing industry. America (North America) desperately needed (needs) a hero  … Europe has Frankel, and in NO WAY am I comparing the two, ’cause there is none …  but hopefully it woulda been a wonderful crowning moment instead of this heartbreaking one. On second thought … beer me!!