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Sohail!! Thanks Motherfucker … Again!!

Blogged ’bout ya and yer friendship before. Yep, you bet … bloggin’ again … good friends are hard to come by. Half a world away, travelling with your family, attending a wedding, visiting family and friends … AND yet you still find time to call (as promised btw), just too bad it wasn’t the following day … you woulda called me a year away as well … “hello 2012, it’s 2013 calling”, lol!! AND on top of that (if that wasn’t enough, and believe me, it was … MORE than enough) you come back home to Canada with a beautiful present for yours truly, a well thought-out gift … BIG BIG thanks to your lovely wife Farah for picking it out, choosing the colour … I fucking LOVE IT!! And Sohail, please don’t hesitate taking me up on my offer personally thanking her as I suggested (I’d post her pic showing appreciation …only have vids though, lol). Down boy, lol. Thanks guys, much love!!

what’s in yer wallet?


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My fireworks … er firecracker, lol!!

Always fun getting my annual report, fellow bloggers – you know what I’m talking about. A few stats I’ll divulge are new posts: 262 and pictures uploaded: 443  … very close to danistrulytheman 2011 year in blogging numbers: 276 and 472 respectively. Got me thinking I should do a personal year in review giving a few shout-outs expressing my thanks and appreciation. And while it may not make complete sense to you, it does to me. Firstly I want to thank John, Jessica … and the third person in this group, I don’t think I even know his name, lol? Only his blog handle and the stories he tells … I do know it’s your birthday and you’re 48 to give you a clue, lol. I’m thanking these three for the same reason, although their blogs are completely different from each others … told ya, it’d make no sense, lol. The second group I want thank is Jason, Jennifer and Gee Gee ( … and Gee Gee is in a league of her own as she’s constantly and playfully reminding me … looking forward to seeing you at danistrulytheman‘s yearly subscription/followers invite only allowed, drunken and orgy filled appreciation soiree btw, last year’s was a blast, remember, lol?!) for a different reason as well. All of you have done something, inspired me, motivated me … difficult to explain, too hard to quantify, so I won’t try. Quick thought: now that I have publicly named six (all who receive my blogposts btw, so no excuses, lol), wonder how many will respond/acknowledge?! … I’m pretty sure I already know the answer, lol. And that’s ok, there’s one person who absolutely loves my blog … he laughs, he smiles … he constantly reads it over and over soaking in its wisdom, LOL!! Ok, so that’s entirely (not really, maybe 90%, lol) eyes-rolling, tongue in cheek, facetiousness, but there’s definitely something there. Ok, enough rambling … class dismissed. Happy 2013 to all … whether you read this, reply … or not!! 😎

last pic of 2012, taken morning of December 31


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takin’ the Freddie Head filly

… and THIS is the race of the week-end, NOT the Classic – don’t let anyone tell ya different. After great deliberation, opted for her, her better odds, her freshness. Just gut-feel the past 2 weeks has taken a toll on my orignal (lower priced too) pick Excelebration … thinkin’ he might bounce, not cozy up to Santa Anita’s rock hard aspalt- like turf course. Superstitious signs lead to the Freddie and the French filly … first the double with Miesque, then the triple with Goldikova, and now maybe another with Moonlight Cloud?! Damn Freddie, you’re a master of the distaff. Go girl go!!