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… all the way to the bank. One of those group discount deal-of-the-day websites, my favourite one btw. Tiffany K has been keeping a keen eye on the goings-on lately … got in on this incredible Special K score … did you know they made Flatbread Morning Sandwiches? Well me neither, but I do now, AND I got mine for free … same for their Morning Shake Beverages as well … wasn’t aware of them, but yep … gratis. Before the Kellogg’s haul y’all bought into $20 worth of food for $10 from South Street Burger Co. … and here’s the kicker; when Tiff was signing up for the deal, sitting in her account was an unexplained $5 credit … so actually it only cost five bucks five bucks five bucks (sorry Pizza Hut, lol)!! I’m so excited, have never been, although I was close to going on a number of occasions. From what I heard/read, their burger is throughthemothereffingroof delicious, PLUS included (no extra charge) is a shitload of cool toppings available … who does that? Mango chutney, HELLO?! 😀

voucher printed …


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head and shoulders above the rest

… as if I wasn’t already, lol?! Saw this (Lowe’s Black Friday flyer) yesterday on RedFlagDeals which caught my eye; Werner 6 foot step ladder priced at $74.98 on sale for $24.98 … are you shittin’ me?!?! Now I know it ain’t their top of the line highest rated load capacity industrial usage models, you’re talking big bucks ($$$$) for those, but for my puttering around the house purposes, and the price ($50 off), who cares … it’ll suit me just fine spank you very much!! An early morning online check confirmed the sale price was already in their system (although it didn’t discount scan when I self serve check-out attempted – no matter; customer service to the rescue and all was rectified. Have y’all been reading lately how much I LOVE LOWE’S, lol?) so I didn’t even have to wait till Friday to get mine, ALWAYS one step ahead of y’all!! 😉

on the shelf ready to be snatched …

regular price …

ready to be taken home …

All in came to $28.23 with taxes – I know, eh?! Still scratching my head in good-deal-disbelief!!😯