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best burger at my house … and I didn’t even make it!!

… ok, ok, MAYBE not numero uno, but def in contention … we’ve (I, I folks, lol) made many a great burger through the years, this ranks right at the top. It’s Whole Foods ultimate burger … they have a gazillion to choose from, and I was being lazy (and running late), so I went old school basic (good quality beef, with 80/20 lean/fat ratio – minimum) and dressed it up myself … cremini mushrooms, jalapeño jack cheese, vidalia onion … w/ my homemade bomber sauce (low-fat mayo, mustard, bbq sauce, horseradish) … check out the pics, y’all!

look at the amount of fat …


doing their thang on the grill …


served w/ homecut fries (look at that OOZING cheese) …


pink, pink, and more pink … PERFECT