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round ‘n round we go!

Is how I’ve been… my brain frantically figuring out food for today! Thought I had it all set in stone last night too… Zin Zen was the plan, and don’t get me started on that one, woulda been the day of all days… the eats of all eats… the best $0.99 I ever spent! YES… 99¢ folks … y’all have no idea (OK, Caymus is a clue for sleuths in ya)!! But, Mother Nature stepped in (bitch… cunt, lol), and ultimately, ultra high humidity nixed it, nipped it in the bud! As a result, today dansplans kept changing, OVER AND OVER… at least dozen times! And, after much bustin’ brain against the wall (ok, pillow, lol), here is were we stand!

Fresh ground, hand formed burger, cremini ‘shrooms, heirloom tomato, swiss emmentaler, special sauce, on a buttered and grilled kaiser bun!

Verdict? Umm?!















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Burger joint with a gazillion burgers! Gourmet burgers too! Makes your head spin trying to pick that perfect one, so many mouthwatering choices. I know I’ve been lazy lately w/ pics, and w/ food blogging. Not that I haven’t been going to lotsa fun places, I have … just been lazy w/ the pics & bloggin’ ’bout it! And to prove my laziness, this was two week-ends ago, on The Danforth – 888 Danforth – love that lucky number!!

Leaside Burger – upgraded … lean ground Elk …


a side of fries and the obligatory gravy …


Sam Adams AND the Sam Adams glass too – nice touch …


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best burger at my house … and I didn’t even make it!!

… ok, ok, MAYBE not numero uno, but def in contention … we’ve (I, I folks, lol) made many a great burger through the years, this ranks right at the top. It’s Whole Foods ultimate burger … they have a gazillion to choose from, and I was being lazy (and running late), so I went old school basic (good quality beef, with 80/20 lean/fat ratio – minimum) and dressed it up myself … cremini mushrooms, jalapeño jack cheese, vidalia onion … w/ my homemade bomber sauce (low-fat mayo, mustard, bbq sauce, horseradish) … check out the pics, y’all!

look at the amount of fat …


doing their thang on the grill …


served w/ homecut fries (look at that OOZING cheese) …


pink, pink, and more pink … PERFECT


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end of the week, end of the month, celebratory shenanigans!!

… I needed this! And now home and going through my shitty, dark iPhone pics, using my Aviary app to make shitty, illuminated iPhone pics realize I’m almost one hour into June! A few pics … that’s my half eaten bison burger and frites! G’night, and God bless!!





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War Horse, Allen’s, and Beer!!

July 18th was a great day. Tiffany K and I were so excited about seeing this play, we heard so many great reviews and it lived up to expectations and then some. The intimacy of the The Princess of Wales Theatre was perfect. The production was flawless … and we had the best seats … right in the middle, and the first row with a step, so we were slightly more elevated than rows in front of us … I’m guessing about 40′ from the stage. Afterwards for dinner we enjoyed the patio atmosphere at my favourite Allen’s (I know I’ve blogged about it many times before, but I love it … and don’t ask what I ate, you already know, lol … I’m so predictable). Always love the beer selection provided, and was happy to see Unibroue available, but not on tap – drat, no draught … bottles only. With Audrey’s recommendation, I quickly ordered a La Fin Du Monde (it’s funny; waitress asked me if I ever tried it before, admitted no and she was happy to tell me how very good it was) and WOW … is it ever good (thanks Audrey, lol), but strong too … and when waitress came back asking if I wanted another one, told her … “listen, I’d love to have five fucking more … but I also want to be able to leave walking out of here without any help”. And at 9% alcohol, erred on the side of caution and switched to the summery Blanche De Chambly, and its more manageable 5% alcohol. Also, good news and bad news: The bad – no more sweet potato fries and blue cheese dressing. Something about everybody jumping on the bandwagon, so Allen’s jumped off. The good – with burgers they no longer charge for tomatoes, or lettuce or onions … or whatever it was (condiments presumably expected to be gratis) some of you complained about, used as an excuse to never go … well now YOU can’t … guess I’ll see you there, lol!! 😉

My programme …

A few (MANY more) beers selections/prices …

Love the huge-ass trees …

Sad glass …

… happy glass …

Chambly … LOVE the colour …

Burger (bacon n’ aged cheddar – and RARE) plus fries (don’t look, cover your eyes, lol) …

And the bill for our party of five (cover MY eyes, lol) …