I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Tiff’s hairdresser is a Ford luvin’ fucker!!

Rob Ford luvin’ motherfucker!! But she just smartly sits there … quietly, nodding listening to yer retardedness … uh hmm, uh hmm – ing away while ya happily-slappily suck his cock. No sense potentially sacrificing gorgeous locks, with disagreeing! Hey, Tiff def ain’t no coiffedummy, lol!!

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Toronto is a laughingstock!

Today, Councillor Doug Ford assured me, his bro Mayor Rob Ford will TRY curbing his drinking! WHEW! Oh good, NOW my mind’s at ease.


I’m just guessing, but something tells me Dougie’s laden with doubt himself, seems to be hedging his bets? We all know what they say ’bout trying … “if at first you don’t succeed …”

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My Mayor flew to Austin TX on a business/music trip!

… LOL! He just up and left – leaving us all alone … ya know what they say, “when the fat cat’s away … “! Has yer Mayor – the ruler of yer roost ever done that? Headed down to Austin for a few days on a so called business trip involving checking out local bar bands … leaving ya to fuck around, doing what pleases ya, lol?! That’s my Mayor!! 😆