I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Seema, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were dolling up your coiffe in anticipation of our appointment!

… musta been my complimentary comment last time, good memory girl. you came out from your office to greet me … smiling, strutting like a model, hair glammed up … all Nick Chavez like. Flock me, lol!

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Tiff’s hairdresser is a Ford luvin’ fucker!!

Rob Ford luvin’ motherfucker!! But she just smartly sits there … quietly, nodding listening to yer retardedness … uh hmm, uh hmm – ing away while ya happily-slappily suck his cock. No sense potentially sacrificing gorgeous locks, with disagreeing! Hey, Tiff def ain’t no coiffedummy, lol!!

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another ‘I’m turning 50 and you’re not’ iPhone pic!

… end of the month mofos … tomorrow we flip the calendar over to July (Happy Birthday Canada), the BEST month … the month of my birth. I’m in the homestretch y’all!!

snapped & sharing only ’cause I liked the coiffe, lol!

… and get this … ’cause of my recent healthier lifestyle, and with my newly transformed tighter/toned/slimmer physique – Tiffany K even suggested I take up modeling, LOL!!


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influenza vaccinated

… finally. And btw, that’s the flu shot to y’all belonging to the Simpleton family. My doc was always booked, repeated calls seeking slipping in ‘ncase of cancelled appointments proved fruitless. Had no choice but to go to my local Rexall and let the pharmacist needle me. That’s right, in Ontario select pharmacies are now allowed to give flu shots … no appointment, any day … all the time. Simply walk in, hand over your Health Card, fill out the taking one minute of your time yes/no questionnaire and you’re good to go … oh and to non-Canadian readers of my blog … it’s FREE … the hardest part (most upsetting part I should say) was removing my sweater providing an easy upper arm target … meanwhile messing my coiffe … 😮