I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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I Am The Highway

worked 17 1/2 hours. 1 hour drive home. awake 24 hours (and counting). sleep deprived selfie sporting csa approved wraparound safety sunglasses (love that alliterative shit, lol) gratis courtesy mike. gotta love his quote minutes after seeing me wearing them too … “i’m not queer, but damn you look good” – thanks mikey, lol!



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new shades, no shave (… and no give a shit)!

… yeah, I snagged these sunglasses for a steal of a deal at a warehouse sale. Sweet!

… and, as far as the lack of razor blades skating smoothly all over my salt ‘n pepper whiskered mug – what can I say? My plate’s been overflowing lately – y’all don’t know the half of it! Hey, it makes me look sophisticated and distinguished. Don’t ya think?

whoaaa, damn motherfucker?! Get yourself a haircut! And quick too, lol!