I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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Booked, bitches! Booked!

Again! Can you believe that shit? Is my Emerald Isle trifecta too–3rd time’s a charm! Lucky charm! And, boy am I ever doing this one right! My accommodations are through the motherfucking roof best of the best! Google Dublin hotels (5 star hotels), do a bit of research as there are a few, read the reviews… then take an educated stab at it. Am guessing 40-45% of you nail it w/one guess! Thats’s how fookin good this gets, folks, and blokes!

I’ll be quaffing down smooth tasting Thanksgiving Guinnessluvin’ Dublin… while ya sucker Canuckleheads are chewing down dry turkey!

Speaking of nailing it, here’s an early morning pic of my recent trip to Dublin after I awoke. My straight outta bed coiffe! Hello, handsome!


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crouching tiger selfies!

… has been WAY too long, and was crouching, lol! will be my last at my beloved dirtydozenwick! and, will miss it so much, everything about it, the good (and, the bad), despite my love/hate… i will DEF miss my time/life these past two years! i was blessed to be here! and, i will forever be appreciative, and will never forget any of it… thank you! but soon this chapter closes, and a new one begins… that’s life folks. today, thought i better capture my remaining time as a personal momento (plus now, am hoping/wishing my new place is more favourable (lighting, no crouching, lol, etc.) for selfies!





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I Am The Highway

worked 17 1/2 hours. 1 hour drive home. awake 24 hours (and counting). sleep deprived selfie sporting csa approved wraparound safety sunglasses (love that alliterative shit, lol) gratis courtesy mike. gotta love his quote minutes after seeing me wearing them too … “i’m not queer, but damn you look good” – thanks mikey, lol!



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it’s times like these you give and give again!!

it’s times like these you learn to live again!!

1400times giving and giving againPOSTS mothereffers!! Another deserving self-congratulatory-slapping-myself-on-my-back-silly milestone!! AND YES, I DO deserve it!!

I am a one way motorway
I’m the road that drives away
then follows you back home
I am a street light shining
I’m a white light blinding bright
burning off and on

I am a new day rising
I’m a brand new sky
to hang the stars upon tonight
I am a little divided
do I stay or run away
and leave it all behind


… the day I turned 50 … kinda like this one …


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… it’s been awhile!

i’ve been selfie remiss for such a long LONG time. don’t even know why i bother/continue – not exactly liking what i see staring back, maybe that’s why am blogging less and less of ’em? – hey, least i spared y’all my infamous almost nekkid body-selfies … for now, lol!


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Who’s the one that makes you happy?

Or maybe, who’s the one always on your mind?
And who is the reason you’re living for?
Who’s the reason for your smile?

Everyone needs somebody.
And you know, everybody needs someone.
Well and yes it’s true!
Everybody needs a special kind of love.
And you’re the only one I’m thinking of.
You mean the world to me.
You are my only!

It’s not whatcha got it’s what you give.
It ain’t the life you choose it’s the life you live.
It’s only what you give, only what you give, only what you give,
It’s not whatcha got, a but the life you live.
It’s the life you live.

Going crazy outta my head, going crazy,
Outta my head.


My fave selfie!! An oldie, but def STILL a goodie!

why can’t forever be forever and nothing more?


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new haircut, new year, and new hopes!

… same old sweater, thanks for the findsies Tiff, lol! My fave cold as fuck winter-wear!

… and selfie is COMPLETELY unedited (do I win anything?) …

… damn motherfucker! You do look good this last day of 2013! 😎


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an after my weigh-in before my shower selfie!

… it’s been awhile since I posted one of these. Weight is great! Despite not running, I’m still maintaining, although I suspect that may change in the upcoming months if I shut it down completely – which is something I really don’t want to do.


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Lost Photos!

Lost favourite winter sweater I’m sporting too … TIFFFFFFF!!!

Over a 1000 pics went missing synching my 4 to 5s. A couple oldies but goodies that didn’t.

… and, I ain’t kidding ’bout the sweater, can’t find it?!

Crazy coiffe, lol … crazy guy too!


Still a keeper, always will be. Pic means a lot to me! And sorry … no side-by-side comparison w/ my poor old 4 screensaver, showing y’all how much better it is. Lemme just say this; IT F’N KILLS … I love it!!


… hey, check it out … a Friday the 13th 4:20, LOL!!