I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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June ? 2009

not sure of the exact day… although w/dedicated perseverance could nail it (is the super-bowl-sunday laziness in me. i’m using that as an excuse. i stand corrected… it’s the everyday laziness in me). a great day nonetheless! i do remember this was the last pic jeff snapped out of hundreds… and, i also remember him (he reminded me of animal from lou grant) telling me, how much he loved this pic, said it resonated our effort and accomplishment… our culmination after two hours in front of the lens. truthfully, for years, i never was much a fan of it. now, seven-and-a-half years later… i’m warming up to it!


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… almost forgot the best part!!

Jennie proudly has this pic displayed, tacked next to her work station/sewing machine. From where I was sitting, looking at her while she worked on my jeans, it was as if I was staring at two Jennies – double vision Jennies, lol. I finally had to say something, she smiled contently knowing that I took this picture, and said that many people frequently comment on it … “my friend took it, he’s Canadian”, she tells them, lol!!


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Godzilla, no shit!!

Driving the other night on the 401, a grey Nissan GT-R flew by … he was three lanes over, and when he gunned it, I said, “there goes Godzilla” … we kept jockeying back and forth, separated by those lanes, but I always had him in my sights. Ten minutes later, and many kilometres too, he came up beside me in the adjacent lane, and I couldn’t fucking believe it … it ACTUALLY was Godzilla … the plate read GODZILLA … it was then I lost him, or so I thought, but further down the highway, I caught up, and came up behind. Now, I know this picture is blurry, and the glare of the flash hitting the windscreen filtering it even more doesn’t help (sidenote: as I clicked, the flash delay, I mean realizing it was going to flash, freaked me and my hand wavered, it was almost like I wanted to put my phone down, not wanting to be seen snapping a pic, lol), but THAT’S Godzilla, no shit!!