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diggin’ the sam can!

… and the Sam Adams Boston Lager of course! Check out the frothy head! Filthy good y’all!! So much went into the development of this can – google it, see for yourself. Was very curious if we Canucks would luck out w/ the Sam can too? I mean, it was developed for the US market w/ your piddly 12 fl oz cans … wasn’t sure if the Boston Beer Company Sam-can-slammed us as well w/ our upsized 473 ml cans? Yep, check the lip … they did!   I gots me a new friend, and his her name is Sam!


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Burger joint with a gazillion burgers! Gourmet burgers too! Makes your head spin trying to pick that perfect one, so many mouthwatering choices. I know I’ve been lazy lately w/ pics, and w/ food blogging. Not that I haven’t been going to lotsa fun places, I have … just been lazy w/ the pics & bloggin’ ’bout it! And to prove my laziness, this was two week-ends ago, on The Danforth – 888 Danforth – love that lucky number!!

Leaside Burger – upgraded … lean ground Elk …


a side of fries and the obligatory gravy …


Sam Adams AND the Sam Adams glass too – nice touch …