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Deep Dish San Marzano w/ White Veal Lasagna!

… went gangbusters shopping today! from grocery store to table, and proud of it!

… best mofo lasagna this side of Napoli!!

… pics! just pics y’all!!





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Luvin’ My Lady York Foods!!

First impression wasn’t so sure, but now … has been growing on me. Is so kick-ass, an old-school Italian market. Who else has 5′ high stacked cases of San Marzano tomatoes plopped down in the middle of their aisles? No one, that’s who! I would add a link, even pics … but neither is worthy of the place, you really have to go to experience it – and more than once. I just moved into the neighbourhood and live minutes away – plus, found shortcuts lessening driving time, making it even more convenient! It’s all good y’all, I love it!


My Killer Bolognese!!

… and, I’ve made many variations, today’s was extra killer! It hit me? I haven’t been food bloggin’ for quite some time. And, knowing it’s cyclical (people come, people go), it made me realize many newcomers to danistrulytheman don’t have a clue about me, especially when it comes to my cooking skills. I really have neglected this part of me, my blog … and I also realize, no one can be bothered to peruse a blog that extends 4 years+ back, just want you newcomers to know, I do have exceptional (Italian) cooking skills. So much, that lately, things I see on other blogs that would make me cringe, now elicits a friendly “like” … lol! I could go on ad nauseam about it … in fact, I MAY have previously. I kept it basic for today … I think that’s been my problem of late; too lazy … can’t be bothered to teach y’all! typically, I use minced veal, today my market had gorgeous beef (cheaper too) … was an easy decision. normally, I put my tomatoes (San Marzano) through a food mill, but at a dinner party once, a non-foodie commented that she used an immersion blender … her thinking was that any tomato skins/seeds contained nutrients, and she didn’t want to waste any of it. I’ll never forgot her words, and it made me rethink my method, and to this day, I use her approach. BUT, today pressed for time, went sans blender, dumping the cans into the browned meat, breaking up the tomatoes with my wooden spoon … pulling out any obvious tomato skins. here’s a pic of my bolognese (chunky) simmering …


and here’s my pasta boiling away. notice the high boil? plus, I don’t use ANYTHING but pasta from Italy (sorry, another topic, for another day). when the water comes to a boil, I dump in about 5 tablespoons of salt; the pasta water should taste like the ocean ( again, another day – oh, and kosher/sea salt too).


and, finally plated … my bolognese linguine piccolo w/Romano Lupa and OMG’s focaccia. and, please believe me; this pic doesn’t even begin to give the meal justice – it WAS more awesome than you can imagine!