I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


THICK-ASS lasagna!

… last of the leftovers!

and, on the seventh day, god created the last slice of lasagna pie!

yep, a whole week’s worth of good eats, y’all!

look at all those luscious layers… lost track after nine! shaved reggiano for the finish!

… yep, good eats! hoegaarden too!




my 2016 new year’s eve lasagna!

… saved the best for last! flying solo too. lots of work making it all come together; as the per usual run myself ragged routine. but GODDAMN… i’m worth it, so i did! parm regg, chianti riserva, olives, my best homemade bolognese (grain fed white veal + angus beef extra lean sirloin), rosemary focaccia, best italian noodles, etc. etc. – the whole 9 yards, the whole kit and caboodle, the whole shebang! y’all know me too well! oh, and even splashed on mr. burberry for the special day/eats… not only the food smells good folks!

… my apologies, table was cracked, so i nailed ‘er… shitty host, lol!

h n y … see ya in ’17 suckas!



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spaghetti n’ shrimp

Cooler temps precipitated this … plus I had all the ingredients (pretty much), AND love using fresh herbs from my garden while I’m still able to – so the deal was sealed.

Italian spaghetti (loops around – VERY long):

Homemade sauce gently simmering away:

Pan sautéed shrimp in white wine, butter sauce – fresh oregano too:

Handfuls of whole basil leaves thrown in at the very end (along with the shrimp):

Combined with the pasta (this is KEY), NOT simply spooned on top:

Vino – red, any good Italian wine … Bread – crusty, peasant loaf … and YES Cheese (give a rat’s ass ’bout any seafood pasta rules we’ve all heard to the contrary. I’m eating a tomato based pasta, I’m grating cheese, and generously too, lol) – Grana Padano, Parm-Regg, or Romano Lupa. Good Italian eating … it don’t get no better folks!! 😉

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Today talking Paisano, but I ain’t delving too deeply either, kinda scratching the surface … don’t even get me started on my fave Romano Lupa ’cause I won’t stop! And I can’t begin to tell you how I have this disease unable to go into any of my wonderful markets without wandering *wink wink* by the cheese section AND buying cheese … any cheese … EVEN if my fridge is already fully stocked ‘n stuffed, lol! If lovin’ cheese is wrong I don’t wanna be right … if this an addiction I don’t wanna be cured, lol!!

And finally want to chime in with my 2¢ (which is what I wanted to say in the first place) about the Parmigiano-Reggiano vs. Grana Padano debate that I recently caught wind of, but apparently has been raging for quite some time now (who even knew there was a cheese war, lol?). Reggiano was always the king … the undisputed king of ALL Italian cheeses, every Goddamn Italian TV Chef segment had to include those words … Parmigiano-Reggiano  Parmigiano-Reggiano  Parmigiano-Reggiano … uh, can you say overkill? And just ’cause you can parrot saying it over and over and use it doesn’t make you a great chef!! But recently I noticed a trend, the great Italian chefs (including the matriarch herself – Lidia Bastianich) have been steering away from it, and instead incorporating and praising its lesser known (and less expensive) relative – Grano Padano in their recipes?! Damn Motherfuckers!! Been slummin’ for years buying Grano Padano getting more bang for my denaro and NOW y’all are following suit, lol?! All aboard the danistrulythemantrain everyone … choo choo!! 😉