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My My Míele!

LOVE LOVE, my new vacuum! Canary Yellow rocks, and ya can’t go wrong w/ a high-end brand name like Míele! And, after reading reviews… apparently better than the one most think of when thinking vacuum cleaners. W/ 1200 watts of power; sucker suctions like a vacuum on steroids! AND, ’cause of their 99.9% filtration system, am breathing better & easier… I really feel it! Less than 4 hours of purchasing (meanwhile, tossing out my 30 year old bullshit Beaumark), am happier than a pig in shit w/ this one y’all… did I say the canary colour kills too, lol!


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Boxing Day Boffo!

Day started early, driving in snowy-shit conditions to Yorkdale wanting to beat the mad rush – and I did, was in and out, with deals snagged. At home later, Tiff remarked how she was somewhat disappointed that we didn’t score a Dyson DC29 that Target and Future Shop had on sale for HUGE savings. The former was available in store, limited quantities, no rain cheques, essentially a Boxing Day door crasher for $298.99, the latter a one day online offer of $298.98. As I said, the savings were incredible … $200 off. But, now it was hours since stores opened their doors, and she was sure that they were sold out … but wait, she took to her boards, her shopping deal sites, and someone posted about getting an even better deal because of a price match from Canadian Tire. Sorry, I’m gonna jump ahead here in my story … others later commented that he shouldn’t have posted – stating it’s up to the discretion of individual Canadian Tire stores regarding price matching … and perhaps he should have done the same (used discretion), since it wasn’t a guaranteed deal. Apparently some won’t do it if it’s a door crasher, they may even call the store to see if they have any in stock, and if they don’t, then they won’t price match. But when I left, I didn’t know this, I just flew out the door with my Target flyer in hand, and all the extras Tiff told me this other dude got on his deal, expecting to get the same. Oh, another thing, Canadian Tire is great for up to the minute inventory, we realized that it takes only five minutes to update its current inventory, and my store had eleven in stock, other nearby (read: far, but close, lol) stores were showing one or two, not one was showing double-digits … other than mine. Plus, my store is only two minutes away. And when in, I beelined it to the vacuum cleaners. None on the shelf, no problem – store-dude gladly phones my request to the stock-room dude, quickly running outta sight, retrieving my Dyson moments later. Sweet! I went to pay, but was referred to customer service because of the price match (which I figured was going to happen), then elderly, gruff worker lady kept barking “NO RETURNS TODAY”… I told her, “hey, I’m trying to buy the fecking thing”, lol (Tiff joked, “you shoulda said ok and left the store”, LOL)! Oh, and ANOTHER thing … the store’s return/customer service dept. is set up to be easily discernible with chrome bars, a walkway leading you in and around, indicating ‘this is where the line forms’ and where you stand awaiting your turn, till someone says, “NEXT”, or signals you … and you’d think that would suffice/eliminate any confusion and solve the problem. Nope! It’s amazing how people come from all angles, ignoring said chrome-bar-laneway and rudely encroaching on your space seeking immediate attention, as you’re trying to complete your transaction! After, she (wonderful cashier/service chickie – sorry, didn’t catch your name) disposed of a few of these interrupting ignoramuses, I mentioned to her how rude it was that people would do that. She said, you wouldn’t believe it, it’s non-stop all day. Ok, back to my Dyson deal … Canadian Tire did price match, and I guess because of a price match they give you an additional 10% in Canadian Tire money equivalent to the price of the item … which, in this case was $30 … sweet, again!! And the beauty of their money, is that it’s like money, it never expires. I also received a $15 Promo Card because I spent over $75 (valid from Jan 10 to Jan 25), so I’ll def have to keep my eye on it making sure it doesn’t expire before being used. It was a great deal for $300 … I got mine for the same price, minus $30, minus $15 = $255!! Big shout-out to guy who posted the deal in the first place … you’re my Boxing Day hero! Oh, and here’s kicker; everything – the whole thing took me under 20 minutes from when I left my house, to when I got back home … I didn’t even have to kill myself doing it either, lol!! I did say SWEET, eh, lol!!

$30 … lookie my money, lol …


and my Promo Card …


the receipt …


… and my new Dyson


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kale ‘n corn

Red kale to boot. Must admit my ignorance, wasn’t aware its existence … but must admit my excitement too spying it while foraying in my Fortinos!! And I don’t know where you’re from, or the prices you pay for corn – but where I’m from … a buck ninety nine per ten is a pretty good deal, and seeing all those shuckers having at ‘er draws you in to do the same, so I snagged ‘n bagged my ten too!! Shit, this blog should be titled food, and tons of it, lol … ’cause there WAS a whole-mother-lot … but will refrain, will remain focused!! Peaches & Cream corn really rocks, be sure not to overcook it though, you want that bit of crunch … chomping, twirling yer cob. Purchased this paprika months ago promising a goulash attempt …sadly never did, well, not yet (and in my defense, my promise had NO time constraints, lol). Folks … THIS paprika is the real-motherHungarian-deal … admittedly sourcing it was a mission … literally jumped through internet hoops trying to, but I did. Digressing again – forgive me. I remember once having corn on the cob with smoked paprika, twas boy wonder’s outta the blue light bulb inspiration (kid’s got a shitload of smarts, so proud) … and it was good, VERY good, just a bit too smoky as the name implies. Knowing this was in my cupboard said, “let’s tweak that ingenuity” … ok, another digression … y’all shoulda seen me (or not, lol) trying to yank/separate the lid from the tin … pretty sure you can guess what happened next … my ivory tiles quickly turned crimson, victims of my torquing!! Tiffany K scurried (ok, NOT scurried … ummm?, scampered, lol) to get the Dyson (OK OK so we don’t actually OWN a Dyson, just like saying Dyson instead of vacuum, sounds so much more elitist, and I’m probably … ok, not probably … DEFINITELY jealous of those who do,lol) switching power to ON, sucking away as she pleased. Yep, mess disappeared. Here’s some pics, just the deuce – kale and corn (plus paprika), enjoy y’all!!

Beautiful head:

… tossed ‘n washed:

… butter dolloped/chili flaked … plated:

My aforementioned troublesome Hungarian:

Corned once:

… and twice: