I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!


I really need to realize how much people value me!!

… how highly they regard me! I mean, I’ve always known, ain’t no secret there … but lately, the adulation has been constant, non-stop … and it got me thinking, opening my eyes even more to how much everyone likes&respects me! Always going above and beyond/going the extra mile for me. And I came to the realization why (again – wasn’t no secret, but with so much of it recently, made me think ’bout it) … very simple really …

it’s not whatcha got, it’s a-what you give
it ain’t the life you choose, it’s the life you live
it’s only what you give, only what you give, only what you give
it’s not whatcha got, a-but the life you live
it’s the life you live

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got my yin yinning & my yang yanging!

… everything’s falling into place! Still need y’all to muster positive energy and continue channeling it, sending it my way  … let’s keep the yin-yang railcar rollin’

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All Along the Watchtower

… sorry Jimi, takin’ ’bout Jehovah here … not that I endorse ANY religion, or prescribe to the concept of organized religion for that matter … ’cause I motherfucking DON’T  … and I ain’t lookin’ for Holy Rollers to click [follow] so please don’t … it’s not like one’s better (or worse) than any other … and for the record, I’m affiliated with none … and PROUDLY lettin’ ya know. I do believe in a higher power, am extremely aware and attuned to daily occurrences in my life that are outta the ordinary and difficult to explain, and while not sure how to classify it … maybe it’s God, (or A God) … maybe not, I dunno, but I do believe there’s more to this (life, I mean) than this!! Today (in my eyes) was proof of it … and my first thought was … Sham … but thinking and rethinking it deeper and further, backpedaling to the beginning … realized it WAS Angelo who set the wheels of this wonderful day in motion. Thanks for comin’a-knockin’ when you did … and thank you for the literature, and good luck helping/guiding others in your noble pursuit. Hmmm, Angelo – that means Angel, no?!?! And in a life comes full circle, a yinn’-yangin’ pushme-pullme equilibrium spiritual kinda way … attribute today’s good fortune to you my friend!!

one-hundred-eighty-woohoo-smackeroos …