I'm STILL a self confessing, self professing know-it-all, or so I think!

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there is a time and purpose for everything under heaven

no matter how much fucked-up life gets. somehow, it surprisingly, and seemingly reminds me, leaving my no-good-for-nothing-atheist-ass awestruck, dumbfounded, amazed, confused, overwhelmed, and questioning once again, … the whole kit and kaboodle thingie, called life!

how did I get here
and what went wrong
couldn’t handle forgiveness
now I’m far beyond gone

and please just save me if you can
from my blasphemy in my wasteland

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All Along the Watchtower

… sorry Jimi, takin’ ’bout Jehovah here … not that I endorse ANY religion, or prescribe to the concept of organized religion for that matter … ’cause I motherfucking DON’T  … and I ain’t lookin’ for Holy Rollers to click [follow] so please don’t … it’s not like one’s better (or worse) than any other … and for the record, I’m affiliated with none … and PROUDLY lettin’ ya know. I do believe in a higher power, am extremely aware and attuned to daily occurrences in my life that are outta the ordinary and difficult to explain, and while not sure how to classify it … maybe it’s God, (or A God) … maybe not, I dunno, but I do believe there’s more to this (life, I mean) than this!! Today (in my eyes) was proof of it … and my first thought was … Sham … but thinking and rethinking it deeper and further, backpedaling to the beginning … realized it WAS Angelo who set the wheels of this wonderful day in motion. Thanks for comin’a-knockin’ when you did … and thank you for the literature, and good luck helping/guiding others in your noble pursuit. Hmmm, Angelo – that means Angel, no?!?! And in a life comes full circle, a yinn’-yangin’ pushme-pullme equilibrium spiritual kinda way … attribute today’s good fortune to you my friend!!

one-hundred-eighty-woohoo-smackeroos …